Penn State Scranton musical groups hosting holiday concerts

past holiday concert

The Penn State Scranton Chorale, Roc[k]tet and Jazz Band first performed at Grace Bible Church in 2016, during its holiday Live Nativity event. This year, the musical groups will host their own free Community Holiday Concert at the venue, which is located adjacent to campus. The event will take place at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9. It is open to the public and free of charge.

Credit: Penn State

DUNMORE, Pa. — The Penn State Scranton Chorale and Jazz Band, directed by Sharon Ann Toman, will present two concerts this holiday season.

The first will be the group’s annual Campus Holiday Concert at noon Wednesday, Dec. 5, in The View Café on campus.

The second event will be the group’s first free Community Holiday Concert at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9, at Grace Bible Church, University Drive, Dunmore.

The chorale, jazz band and Roc[k]tet have performed the past two years as part of a Living Nativity event at Grace Bible Church, but this year, they are holding their own Holiday Concert at the venue and are very excited about being able to provide this performance to the community, Toman said.

The concert is open to the public and free of charge, and the students, faculty and staff are hoping for a full house.

Penn State Scranton’s Chorale and Jazz band consist of students, faculty, staff and friends of Penn State Scranton. The Roc[k]tet is a select group of singers from the chorale.

For more information, call 570-963-2696.

Chorale members are:
Sopranos:  Ashley Altiery, Megan Auttonberry, Deymeliz Desarden-Ruperto, Jaclyn Fusik, Jayonna Geffrand, Eileen Giovagnoli, Korri Hill, Lily Kettenburg, Karli Kozel, Mia Laboranti, Janet Melnick, Laura Nathans, Britney Reinhart and Bonnie Schorn.

Alto:  Sierra Anderson, Jessica Berger, Brianna Chaparro, Ryan Meinard Choa, Jessica Duff, Sue Harper, Meg Hatch, Kalei Kowalchik, Hannah Luben, Katarina Maikranz, Brenda Miele, Kira Opalka, Flor Pryzant, Madison Puza, Samantha Rutkosky, Dakotah Sopko, Deb Smarkusky, Sharon Thauer and Gabrielle Torres.

Tenors:  Paul Frisch, Benjamin Lasota, Charles Mcavoy, Mitchell O'Connor, Matthew Palmer, Skyler Santiago and Aaron Trybula.

Bass:  Matthew Banton, Matthew Coggins, Dominic Corma, Isaiah Hoxie, Adam Kasper, Andrew Murphy and Noah Novotka.

The Roc[k]tet is a select group of singers from the Chorale consisting of:  Matthew Banton, Jessica Duff, Adam Kasper, Mia Laboranti, Hannah Luben, Charles McAvoy, Samantha J. Rutkosky and Aaron Trybula.

The Campus Jazz Band consists of a group of talented students, faculty/staff and friends of the campus. They are:

Violin:  Matthew Collins, Christian Coronel, Lucas Dindiyal and Randall Kasorek.

Clarinet:  Ryan Meinard Choat, Holly Oppelt and Temo Uvera.

Alto sax:  Robert Bishop and Jack Mead.

Tenor sax: Gabrielle McFey and Autumn Mead.

Bassoon:  Keegan Ficarro

Trumpet:  Matthew Banton, Alivia Deleon, Milton Evans, Nick Forrester, Kevin Getts and Jordan Pugh.

Trombone:  Kyle Delhagen

Guitar:  Mia Laboranti and Todd Snee.

Bass:  Gary Caolo

Drums:  Carl Mignano and Joshua Winslow

Auxiliary percussion:  Aaron Trybula

Keyboard:  Sharon Ann Toman