Campus alumnus Will Beekman finds success as entertainment venue executive​​​​​​​

Will Beekman realizes he’s lucky to have a job that’s allowed him to indulge his lifelong passion for music and sports. And the role Penn State played in helping him achieve his dream job isn’t lost on him, either.

Nursing students helping the local community during pandemic

Penn State nursing students have been actively involved in local Covid-19 vaccination efforts, helping local health care providers at numerous vaccination clinics, as well taking part in other community service projects.

Home-schooled student finds Penn State Scranton a perfect fit

Maria Veniamin, a home-schooled student and corporate communication major, says her experience at Penn State Scranton has been "amazing so far."

Mechanical engineering program to launch Fall ’21 in new campus facility

Next fall, students majoring in mechanical engineering will be able to complete their studies at Penn State Scranton in a new, ultra-modern facility.

Labor of Love -- campus alumni enjoy the sweet life running 117-year-old candy business

Campus alumni Nick Reuther Sr. and Jacqueline Safko Reuther shared their insights on the chocolate-making trade at “Love and Chocolate with the Dunmore Candy Kitchen,” a recent virtual program hosted by regional alumni groups.