Speakers' Bureau

Speakers' Bureau

The Penn State Scranton Speaker's Bureau is comprised of members of our campus faculty, advisory board and staff who have a vast array of professional experience and/or knowledge in a number of professional, academic, social and cultural subjects and have expressed an interest in sharing their knowledge with the community.

The individuals listed here are willing to speak to community groups, clubs, schools and organizations looking for a presenter on a specific topic.

If you are interested in having someone from our campus speak to your group, you can contact them directly using the information they have provided.


 Fred Aebli

Instructor, IST
B.S., Science (Computer Science/Math); M.A., Computer Resources Management United States Marine Major (former)

Topics: College Success Advice to Parents and Future Students; Motivational Youth Speaker; Information Technology Trends; Software Programming for Youth; Terrorism

Research Areas: Internet Information Technologies; Databases; Computing Device Interface Design; Terrorism

Phone: 570-963-2592
Email: fja100@psu.edu


Majid Chatsaz


Assistant Professor, Engineering
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

Topics: Computer Modeling; Design Research Areas: Stress Analysis; Finite element method; Design

Phone: 570-963-2578
Email: chatsaz@psu.edu







Associate Professor, Biology
Ph.D., Biological Oceanography from University of South Florida

Topics:  Deep Sea Adaptations; Plastics and Endocrine Disrupters; Subterranean Biology

Research Area: Ecological physiology and Subterranean Biology

Phone: 570-963-2585
Email:  reb20@psu.edu




Michael Evans

Assistant Chief Academic Officer/Instructor, Nursing
Ph.D., M.S. Ed., RN, ACNS, CMSRN, CNE -- Field Nursing

Topics: Heart Failure; Diabetes; The Nursing Profession; End-Of-Life Care; Nursing Education

Research Areas: Somatic Awareness and Self-Symptom Recognition in Advanced Heart Failure Patients; Innovative Teaching Techniques in Nursing Education

Phone: 570-963-2652
Email:  mme124@psu.edu



Paul Frisch

Instructor, History

M.A., History

Topics:  Specialize in Medieval European History, 14th and 15th century focused on legacy and identity, with a secondary field of Modern Europe and a tertiary field of Theatrical History.  I also teach American History as well as World Regional Geography and Human Geography.

Research Area: The transformation of treason in Medieval England during the 15th century to its modern concept. I have also researched the creation of King Richard III's legacy and identity since his death.

Phone: 570-963-2577
Email:  puf3@psu.edu


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Reference and Instruction Librarian

B.A., Social Science; M.S., Information & Library Science

Topics:  Information literacy; information search & research processes; scholarly communications; graphic novels; Harry Potter novels

Research Areas:  Information literacy education; recreational reading advocacy in academic libraries

Phone: 570-963-2633
Email:  kristin.greene@psu.edu




Eileen Giovagnoli

Coordinator, Learning Resource Center


Topics:  Time Management and Organization Skills; High School to College Transition; Improving Your Vocabulary; Reading for Speed and Comprehension; Transition to College for Students with Disabilities

Research Areas:  Academic Success; Peer Tutoring; First Generation College Students; Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

Phone: 570-963-2678
Email:  emg16@psu.edu





Instructor, Communications Arts and Sciences, Internship Coordinator, Corporate Communication

M.S., Instructional Technology

Topics:  Effective Public Speaking; Small Group Communications

Research Areas:  Speech Communication; Organizational Communication

Phone: 570-963-2565

Email:   jwh24@psu.edu




 Dr. Meg Hatch

Associate Professor of Biology

B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, UC Davis; M.S., Wildlife Ecology, UW Madison; Ph.D., Biology, University of Kentucky

Topics:  Ornithology in general; migratory songbirds; parental behavior in birds;

Research Areas:  Habitat quality and utilization by migratory songbirds; age-related changes in reproduction and parental behavior; variation in disease-fighting ability related to intrinsic (e.g. age, gender, condition) and extrinsic (e.g. temperature, habitat) factors in common migratory songbirds.

Phone: 570-963-2529
Email: mih10@psu.edu


Durell Johnson


Chief Academic Officer

M.A., Experimental child Psychology; Ph.D., Developmental Psychology

Topics:  Childhood, adolescent and young adult friendship and romantic relationships; childhood, adolescent and young adult social and personality development; adolescent and young adult social adjustment

Research Areas:  Same as above

Phone: 570-963-2510
Email:  hdj2@psu.edu



 Dr. Agnès Kim

Assistant Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Astrophysics - University of Texas at Austin

Topics:  Astronomy; new scientific discoveries in physics and astronomy

Research Area: The interior of compact stars

Phone: 570-963-2549
Email:   axk55@psu.edu





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Instructor, IST

B.S., Marketing; MSIT - Instructional Technology; Ph.D., Instructional Systems (HCI)

Topics:  Data Visualization; GIS for journalists (and others); Enterprise Resource Planning 

Research Areas:  Activity theory; data visualization

Phone: 570-208-5900, ext. 5452
Email:   jxk325@psu.edu or jayneklenner@kings.edu




Brad Kovaleski

Director, Student Services & Engagement

B.A., Spanish; M.A., College Student Personnel/Counseling

Topics:  Leadership Theory and Trainings; College Student Development; Multicultural Competence; Diversity Issues; Student Affairs; Career Education & Development; Enrollment Management; Behavioral Threat Management; Student Success Strategies; Event Planning/Project Management; Supervisor Skill Development; Social Media; Millennials; Generational Z

Research Areas:  Emotional Intelligence and Leadership;“How the emotional intelligence of a manager/leader impacts follower/employee creativity & performance.”

Phone: 570-963-2690
Email:  bjk244@psu.edu


Ylil Lian


Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Bsc., B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Business & Ph.D., Finance

Topics:  Personal Investment

Research Areas:  Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions (specifically research subjects include hedge funds, banks, labor unions, public firms, and bondholders)

Phone: 570-963-2662
Email:  yxl50@psu.edu




Jeffrey Mallas


Director, Athletics

B.S., Penn State University; M.Ed., East Stroudsburg University,

Topics:  Youth Sports;  Alumni leadership

Research Area:  Strength Training -- Universal vs. Free Weights        

Phone: 570-963-2611
Email: jrm9@psu.edu




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Patrol Officer

B.S., Law Enforcement and Corrections, Penn State; M.S., Criminal Justice, Marywood College; Police Executive Training (POLEX). Penn State

34-year law enforcement career as Patrolman, Seargent, OIC and Chief
23-year career as instructor at Lackawanna College Police Academy

Topics:  Safety/security/law enforcement first responder; emotional health; human relations; skills/ethics; and values

Phone:  570-383-1249 or 570-878-7007
Email:   jmcdev1234@aol.com



  Raymond Petren


Assistant Professor, Human Development & Family Studies

Ph.D., Family Relations

Topics:  Fathers; unmarried parents; co-parenting relationships (parents working together to raise children); multiple partner fertility (having children with multiple partners).

Research Areas:  Fathers; unmarried parents; co-parenting; multiple partner fertility; divorce; family transitions; family relationships and processes 

Phone: 570-963-2575
Email:   rep17@psu.edu



Patrick Sellers


Associate Professor, Psychology

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology with a focus in evolutionary psychology

Topics:  Cognition; neuroscience; the brain; memory; attention; cognitive development; evolution; evolutionary psychology

Research Areas:  How evolution has shaped the human brain and mind in functionally adaptive ways. Specifically, how humans attend to and remember evolutionarily relevant information such as animals and socially relevant stimuli.

Phone: 570-963-2573
Email: pds5183@psu.edu


 Debra Smarkusky

Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

B.S., Computer Science, Penn State; B.S., Mathematics, Penn State; M.S., Software Engineering, Penn State; Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, University of Scranton

Topics:  Engaging students with music and technology; team-based software development (team building, software process, and peer evaluation)

Research Area:  Music and Technology

Team-Based Software Development

Phone: 570-963-2593
Email:  dls102@psu.edu


Frank Sorokach


Instructor, Business Administration


Topics:  Business, Marketing; Sales; Business Strategy; Project Management; Risk Management; Insurance; Process Improvement; Entrepreneurship

Research Areas:  Business Strategy; Change Management; Process Improvement; Emerging Technologies in Business

Additional information:  I am both an academician and a business owner. I can address the theoretical academic aspects of a topic and the actual implementation aspects as a practitioner.

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sorokach
Phone: 570-262-9203
Email:  fms16@psu.edu


Eva Tettenborn


Associate Professor of English
Program Coordinator, Corporate Communication                     

Ph.D., English (American and African American literature)

Topics:  African American literature, esp. fiction.

Research Areas:  Contemporary African American fiction; slave narratives; neo-slave narratives

Phone: 570-963-2583
Email:  tettenborn@psu.edu 



Jonathan Tobin


Coordinator, Career Services

B.A., Political Science, Rutgers University; M.S., Counseling, Shippensburg University

Topics:  Effective Interviewing; Resume and Cover Letter Writing; How to Choose the Right Major and Career Path; Researching and Understanding Corporate Culture and How You Fit

Phone: 570-963-2684
Email:   jrt16@psu.edu




Sharon Toman


Senior Instructor, Music

B.M., Piano Performance, Marywood University; M.M., (Piano Pedagogy, Music History, Music Theory, Catholic University of America; A.B.D., Music History, Manhattan School of Music and Temple University.

Topics:  Engaging Students with Music and Technology

Research Area:  Music and Technology

Phone: 570-963-2696
Email:  sat11@psu.edu



 Dr. Asif ud-Doula

Associate Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Astrophysics

Topics:  General Astronomy

Research Areas:  Computational Astrophysics; Massive Stars; Magneto hydrodynamics

Phone: 570-963-2582
Email:  uddoula@psu.edu





 Marwan Wafa


B.Sc., Civil Engineering; M.S., Management; Ph.D., Industrial Management

Topics:  Islam: What is it/not?; Leadership; Penn State Scranton; Economic Development; the Middle East

Research Area:  Just in Time Manufacturing

Phone: 570-963-2539
Email:  mawafa@psu.edu