Dale Holen, Ph.D.

Dale Holen, Associate Professor, Biology
Associate Professor, Biology
Dawson Building, 212C
Penn State Scranton
120 Ridge View Drive
Dunmore, PA 18512

Discipline Focus: Research in ecology of freshwater plankton, chrysophyte algae, mixotrophy, stomatocysts.


  • The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
  • British Society for Protist Biology / Protistology UK
  • Northeast Algal Society
  • Member of the Penn State Scranton Speakers' Bureau.

Dr. Holen studies lake ecology. He is interested in the ecology of mixotrophic algae and stomatocyst production in golden-brown (chrysophyte) algae.

Research interests:

  • Limnology
  • Algae
  • Protists
  • Mixotrophy
  • Stomatocysts
  • Chrysophytes
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B.S., Water Resource Management, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 1976      

M.S., Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Thesis Title: The feeding behavior of Spumella sp. as a function of particle size: implications for bacterial size in pelagic systems. 1988

Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Thesis Title:Physiological studies of mixotrophy in the algal flagellate  Poterioochromonas malhamensis (Chrysophyte) using batch and continuous cultures. 1994


  • 2019 Stomatocyst morphotype and encystment rates in Ochromonas pinguis: A  mixotrophic Chrysophyte. Northeast Ecology Conference, Edgedale, PA
  • 2019 The distribution of Prorodon viridis (Ciliphora, Prostomatida), A ciliate with endosymbiotic Chlorella (Trebouxiophyceae, Chorellales), at the oxic/anoxic interface in a freshwater lake. Northeast Algal Society Symposium, Salem, MA.
  • 2019 Stomatocyst morphotypes and Induction Rates in Ochromonas pinguis. Association for the sciences of limnology and oceanography, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
  • 2018 Stomatocyst production and environmental inducement in Ochromonas pinguis, a mixotrophic Chrysophyte. Northeast Algal Society Symposium, University of New Haven, CT 
  • 2015  Chrysophyte stomatocyst production in laboratory culture and descriptions of seven cyst morphotypes. Northeast Algal Society, Syracuse, NY. 
  • 2013  Mixotrophy in Chrysolepidomonas dendrolepidota, a chrysophycean alga, Lacawac Ecology Conference, Lake Ariel. 
  • 2013  Phagotrophy in the scaled chrysophyte Chrysolepidomonas dendrolepidota, Northeast Algal Society, Mystic, Ct.
  • 2012  The Stomatocysts of Ochromonas sp., (Chrysophyceae) A Small Mixotrophic Alga, Northeast Algal Society, Schoodic Point, Maine.
  • 2011  Encystment by the mixotrophic flagellate Ochromonas pinguis (Chrysophyceae) in laboratory culture., Northeast Algal Society, Woods Hole, MA. 
  • 2010  The Stomatocyst of Ochromonas pinguis Conrad, 49th Northeast Algal Symposium, Roger Williams University, Bristol RI. 
  • 2010  Mixotrophy in Two Species of Ochromonas, UP Forestry Department, University Park. 
  • 2008  Mixotrophy in two species of Ochromonas, British Society for Protist Biology, Gregynog, Wales, 
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