First Year Engagement

First year Engagement - Co-curriculum at Penn State Scranton

Campus Goal

Engage Penn State Scranton students in out-of-the-classroom experiences to enhance their education, supplement their academic transcript and promote marketable skills for the future success.


As a Penn State student, you are earning a degree from one of the most prestigious and well-regarded universities in the United States. In addition to the richness of your classroom learning, Penn State offers many opportunities for out-of-class or co-curricular learning that will help you to purposefully develop as socially responsible leaders.


This "co-curriculum" at Penn State includes both formal and informal out-of-class learning opportunities. These include involvement with clubs and organizations, workshops, lectures, internships, co-ops, living-learning communities, intramural and recreation programs, undergraduate research opportunities, interactions with faculty and other students, service learning, academic and career advising, cultural events and study abroad.  These programs are mapped to the co-curricular learning outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Knowledge Acquisition/Application - Understand knowledge from range of disciplines
  2. Cognitive Competency - Critical thinking, learning skills
  3. Life Skills and Self-Knowledge - Career management skills, personal health, wellness
  4. Intercultural Development - Sensitivity to and appreciation of differences
  5. Personal Integrity and values - Ethical reasoning, self-management
  6. Leadership and Active Citizenship - Sense of civic responsibility, leadership theory, conflict resolution

Learn about these topics and more:

  • Community Involvement—Clubs/Organizations, athletic teams, SGA, etc.
  • Leadership -- Special positions or titles which could indicate leadership abilities
  • Diversity Training -- Participation in Multi-Cultural /Diversity Committee, International Study Abroad, etc
  • Professional Development -- Honors, awards, conferences & seminars attended
  • Work Experience -- Internships or work study positions held
  • Research -- projects which extended beyond class assignments

Co-Curricular Transcript Management: (In Progress)

Use your co-curricular learning to allow prospective employers to know about all your out of classroom skills obtained while at Penn State Scranton.
Student Development
  • Freshman - Engagement
  • Sophomore - Introduction to Leadership
  • Junior - Internship and Advanced Leadership
  • Senior - Future Success

Co-Curricular Plan by Semester