Career Services - Interviewing

Career Services - Interviewing

Interviewing...the art of presenting yourself.


Contact Jon Tobin for information on how to use Interview Stream with the webcam on your computer to practice your interview skills and answer the same questions you would get in a real job interview. 

Whatever your GPA is, and whatever experience you have, if you aren't able to interview successfully, you won't get the job. Following are some tools designed to help you successfully interview and get the job you want--and then negotiate the very best job offer!


Practice good grooming habits for the interview--present yourself as professional and polished--remove piercings or visible tattoos for the interview. Look like you care if you get the job!

Guidelines for dressing for Interviews:

Men: clean shaven, neat hair, crisp shirt, pressed pants, polish shoes if appropriate, tie, fingernails groomed, and minimal cologne. Practice a firm, but not exaggerated handshake!

Women: neat hair, crisp shirt, pressed pants or skirt, fingernails groomed, light makeup, avoid excessive jewelry, and minimal perfume--add a scarf and voila!

College Central has some interviewing advice that can assist you in preparation for this important meeting: