Career Services - Interview Questions for Candidates

25 Questions To Ask During Interviews

Job interviews allow both the employer and the candidate to evaluate each other and to raise questions so that each may make a better employment decision. There are many lists of the kinds of questions asked by employers, and smart candidates study these lists and think ahead of time how they might answer the questions.

Far less attention is paid to the questions which candidates might ask the employer.

Before every interview think of several questions to ask about the organization, the job you seek, or the community where you would reside. Here is a list of questions that may suggest the kinds of things to ask about.

  1. How much travel is normally expected?
  2. Do employees normally work many hours overtime?
  3. Can I progress at my own pace or is it structured?
  4. How frequently do you relocate professional employees?
  5. What is the average age of your first-level supervisors?
  6. Is the sales growth in the new product line sustainable?
  7. How much contact and exposure to management?
  8. Is it possible to move through the training program?
  9. When does the training program begin? Only in June?
  10. About how many individuals go through your program a year?
  11. What is the housing market for single people in (city)?
  12. How much freedom is given and discipline required of new people?
  13. How often are performance reviews given?
  14. Is it possible to transfer from one division to another?
  15. How much decision-making authority is given after one year?
  16. Have any new product lines been decided upon recently?
  17. How soon after graduation would I expect to report for work?
  18. How much input does the new person have on geographical location?
  19. In promotions are employees ever transferred between departments?
  20. Is a car provided to traveling personnel?
  21. What is the normal routine of a __________ like?
  22. How much independence is allowed in dress and appearance?
  23. Is public transportation adequate?
  24. What is the average time to get to _______ level in the career path?
  25. Is your policy to promote from within or are many senior jobs filled by experienced people from the outside?