Students have opportunity to study coastal biology abroad in Croatia this summer

DUNMORE, Pa. — Renee Bishop-Pierce, associate professor of biology at Penn State Scranton, gave a presentation recently on a subject that she is very familiar with, and which she is hoping more students at Penn State Scranton become interested in: subterranean estuaries and the marine ecosystems of Croatia.

croatian map showing hiking trails

During a recent presentation about her research in Croatia and an upcoming study abroad opportunity for summer 2019, Renee Bishop-Pierce pointed out the intentional spelling of WELCOME by way of Croatia's hiking trails and paths, which Bishop-Pierce also used to raise the question about the coastal impacts of heavy tourism and industrialization.

Credit: Erika Winklebleck

During the noontime program, she gave a brief history of her research in Croatia; the careful process in which cave-diving occurs (by professional divers); the areas in which she conducts her research; the beauty of the coast; and the tourism.

To those in attendance, Bishop-Pierce raised the question: What happens to the subterranean estuaries when population growth and development occurs, and the impacts such changes could have on coastal biology?

Bishop-Pierce also pitched an opportunity that is available for Penn State Scranton students to study coastal biology abroad in Croatia this summer.

Thanks to a second grant she was awarded from Global Program’s Penn State-University of Split collaboration, funds are available to deliver the course Coastal Biology – Biol 482 in collaboration with the University of Split in Croatia.

The grant award recipients were:

  •  Split participants: Alen Soldo (leader), Josipa Ferri, Frane Skeljo, and Svjetlana Krstulović Sifner
  • Penn State participants: Bishop-Pierce (leader) and Amit Sharma, professor of hospitality management/finance at the University Park campus.

Penn State Scranton’s Coastal Biology (Biology 482) in Croatia is a three-credit course that runs from June 10-30. Course prerequisites are Biology 110 and Biology 220W (or comparable). Penn State students will be studying alongside Split University students in this exciting learning opportunity.

croatian village and study abroad info

This coming summer, qualifying students at Penn State Scranton will have the opportunity to study in Croatia with associate  professor of biology, Dr. Renee Bishop-Pierce.

Credit: Penn State

Applications are due by Feb. 1, 2019.

For more information about the course, contact Bishop-Pierce at [email protected].