Biology faculty member to serve as guest editor for international journal

DUNMORE, Pa. — Renee Bishop-Pierce, associate professor of biology at Penn State Scranton, has been asked to serve as guest editor of the international journal Frontiers. The special edition is titled “Revealing the Biodiversity for Hidden Marine Coastal Habitats.”

“This special edition is a response to the international call for additional research in conservation to help identify habitats with species that are cryptic and promote protection of the coastal environment,” Bishop-Pierce said, explaining the focus and relevance of the publication. “This research and service to the profession also helps our campus and University address issues in sustainability.” 

The special publication addresses traditionally inaccessible ecosystems that are often overlooked when assessing biodiversity. It also will address the contribution these habitats have on coastal productivity.

Bishop-Pierce serves as one of three editors for this international journal feature, which will be available this fall.

“I have been asked to serve as editor because of my research on anchialine cave habitats and the impact of subterranean groundwater influx to the coastal environment,” she said. That article can be viewed here.

Bishop-Pierce specializes in marine science with a focus on ecological physiology.

To view the special edition of Frontiers, click here.