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Earth's Largest Spider graphic

Eveland Book cover graphic

The cover of “The Hunt for Tyrannus Arachnis, The Earth’s Largest Spider” a new book written by Penn State Scranton's Tom Eveland, B.A., M.S., an adjunct lecturer of science, leaves no doubt as to what the subject matter.

The Hunt for Tyrannus Arachnis, The Earth’s Largest Ancient Spider”

Penn State Scranton science lecturer pens book on Earth’s largest ancient spider

Tom Eveland, an adjunct lecturer in science at Penn State Scranton, recently published “The Hunt for Tyrannus Arachnis, The Earth’s Largest Ancient Spider.” The 50-page, seven-chapter science tome was designed as a supplemental guide for science classes from high school through college and aims to show students how science and scientists work.
Firma Cagli

Penn State Laureate visiting Penn State Scranton Sept. 27

The 2018-19 Penn State University Laureate, John Champagne, will speak at Penn State Scranton during a presentation that is free and open to the public on Thursday, Sept. 27. The name of the presentation is: “Art & Politics – The Case of Corrado Cagli.”

Fiels and Wafa

Business student Nick Fiels, left, receives the Fall 2018 Chancellor's Student Service Award from Penn State Scranton Chancellor Marwan Wafa.

Fiels award

Nick Fiels is fall 2018 Chancellor Service Award recipient

Nick Fiels, a business major at Penn State Scranton and a student worker in Penn State Scranton's Academic Affairs department, has been awarded the Fall 2018 Chancellor Service Award.