Meet the Marshal: Biology student marshal, Abigail Gaebel

Biology student marshal, Abigail Gaebel

Abigail Gaebel

Credit: Morgan Sewack

DUNMORE, Pa. — Penn State Scranton is shining a spotlight on the campus’ student marshals who will be leading their fellow graduates during the campus’ 56th commencement ceremony procession on May 4 at The Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple. In this series, we’ll feature students who have been selected as student marshals for their respective academic programs. Join us as we delve into their academic journeys, insights, and advice for future students.

Student Marshal:  Abigail Gaebel

Major:  Biology, B.S.

Scranton: What are your post-grad plans?

Gaebel: I plan to apply to medical school next year and pursue a rewarding career in healthcare.

Scranton: What was your favorite memory at Penn State Scranton?

Gaebel: My favorite memories from Penn State Scranton come from the constant laughs and pure fun that I have shared with so many of the friends I have made throughout my journey at Penn State Scranton.

Scranton: What was your favorite learning experience?

Gaebel: Engaging in Undergraduate Research in which I had the opportunity to study basil plants allowed me to pursue my own interests in my academic career, while also challenging my mind to think more critically. I will remember this experience for the duration of my life and cherish the academic independence I gained in the process.

Scranton: What experience prepared you the most for what is next?

Gaebel: My involvement in campus leadership positions such as the Student Government Association, THON, peer mentorship, and tutoring had provided me with opportunities to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Embracing this diversity has been immensely fulfilling and has instilled in me the confidence to navigate similar scenarios in future professional endeavors and everyday interactions.

Scranton: Who at Penn State Scranton has supported you and how?

Gaebel: I confidently affirm that virtually every faculty member and peer that I have worked with has provided unwavering support and encouragement throughout my academic career. Whether it be guiding my academic inquiries, foraging lifelong friendships, or working to create a positive environment on campus, each individual has significantly enriched my overall experience.

Scranton: Do you have any advice for incoming students beginning their Penn State journey?

Gaebel: One piece of advice I would offer to incoming students, is get involved in as much as you possibly can on campus. Saying “yes” to new opportunities allows you to blossom personally, academically, and create lasting memories and friendships that can be utterly lifechanging.

Meet the Marshal series

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight our student marshals for their outstanding accomplishments. Each individual represents the dedication, talent and spirit of excellence that define the Penn State Scranton community.