Parent Information on Student Services

Parent Information on Student Services

Q. Is help available if my child is having trouble in class?

A. The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at Penn State Scranton is a resource for students who are having difficulty with a particular course, as well as for students who aim to maintain a high academic standing.  The DUS provides information and academic enrichment for all students seeking assistance in writing, mathematics, science and nearly all other courses offered.

Q. How does my child make sure they are taking the right courses for their major?

A. All students enrolled in a degree program are assigned an academic advisor who helps the student understand which courses are required to complete their major.  Students should schedule regular visits with their advisor to make sure they are staying on track and particularly if they are thinking about adding or dropping a course or changing majors.

Q. Who can my child contact if they experience difficulties such as depression and stress?

A. Penn State Scranton offers psychological counseling services to students.  Contact Student Services at 570-963-2690 to learn more about these services and how to access them.

Q. Whom should we contact to discuss disability issues/services?

A. Penn State Scranton offers accommodations to students with learning and/or physical disabilities.  To find out more about these services and how to access them contact Student Services at 570-963-2690.

Q. How can my child find out about internships and jobs/careers?

A. Penn State Scranton's Career Services assists students with exploring careers and finding and securing internships and jobs.  They host career fairs on campus each year as well as several workshops on resume writing and interview skills.