adult learner

Adult Learner

Adult Learner

Are you an Adult Learner?

*Did you know that approximately 30% of our students are adult learners?

You may be an Adult Learner if you are:
- 24 years of age or older
- A veteran of the armed services (includes those on active duty)
- Returning to school after an absence of four or more years due to employment, homemaking, or another activity
- A person who assumes multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, employee and/or student
- more than one of the above

What type of Adult Learner are you?

You are an Adult First-Year Freshman if you attempted fewer than 18 college credits after completing high school or your GED,
-Adult First-Year Freshmen should apply by November 1 for Spring and Nov. 30 for Fall

Adult Transfer Students attempted 18 or more college credits after high school or GED completion....apply by Oct. 15 for Spring and Dec. 31 for Fall

Late applications are reviewed on a space available basis.

Call 570-963-2500 to learn more about Adult Learner admissions.

For information on certificate programs, or customized training programs contact The Center for Business Development and Community Outreach at 570-963-2600.

It's not too late to start (or continue!) your education!!

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