Undergraduate Research Fair winners announced

research fair crowd

Adam Bernatowicz, left, explains his research project to Agnes Kim, at Penn State Worthington Scranton's recent Undergraduate Research Fair. Looking on are his teammates Gregory Tapia and Khushaliben Patel.

Credit: Penn State

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Penn State students from a variety of disciplines and academic programs presented their research and creative projects at this year's 11th annual Undergraduate Research Fair.

Over 140 students presented a total of 60 projects and research posters at the event, which is sponsored by regional drug manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, a local presence and a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs.

The event, which is open to the public, drew a crowd of over 100 individuals.

Students from a variety of disciplines displayed projects that included biology, humanities, nursing, social and behavioral sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, as well as creative writing and literature.

Project topics ranged from a proposed rooftop greenhouse for the campus' Study Learning Center building, to cyber attacks, to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adult veterans, to a critical analysis of the novel "Lolita."

Each year, students and their faculty advisers choose specific topics/hypotheses to research. They conduct their research throughout the academic year and then reveal their results and findings in project summaries and analyses that are showcased at the research fair.

Winners are chosen in each academic category.

This year's categories and winners are:

Liberal Arts and Humanities

First Place -- Sarah Moss, "Distraction Techniques During Vaccinations in Children"; faculty adviser, Michael Evans.

Second Place -- Mary Terrinoni, "The Potential Impact of Energy Drinks on Cardiac Health"; faculty adviser, Michael Evans.


First Place -- Glenn Slick, "Synthesis of Azo Compounds Used as Heavy Metals Indicators"; faculty adviser, Jiyoung Jung.

Second Place -- Lauren Stanton, "Fractals in Nature"; faculty adviser, Asif ud-Doula.


First Place -- Kimberly Gaik, Shawna Corcoran, Ryan Mason, Kate Calogero and KC Rafter, "Grainger Building Renovation"; faculty adviser, Frank Sorokach.

Second Place -- Nicholas Bosque, Jonathan Brady, Glenn Burge, Gina Coccetti, James Cole, Justin Crinella, Matthew Crispino, Mario Deprimo, Karankumar Desai, Joseph Dombrowski, Kyle Gifford, John Heffernan, Emma Holmes, Keith Kearney, Alexander Kresock, Patrick Lynott, Shamus McGuigan, Dhruval Patel, Tara Phillips, Linda Radu, Philip Sawicki, Joseph Schweinsburg, Keigh Sepulveda, Gary Thoman and Hannah Woody, "The 2nd Annual NEPA Innovation Conference"; faculty adviser, Frank Sorokach.

Social Science

First Place -- Brian Escobar, "The Effect of Grit on College Students’ Academic Self-Efficacy and Performance: The Role of Gender"; faculty adviser, Raymond Petren.

Second Place -- Katelynn Lake and Andrea Ross, "Life History Theory and Rape Myth Acceptance"; faculty adviser, Karin Machluf.

Information Sciences and Technology

First Place -- Karan Amin, Harsh Patel and Gregory Tapia, "TechBridge and Aye Fair Trade"; faculty adviser, Alan Peslak.

Second Place -- Matthew Speicher, Devin Lomeo, Harsh R. Patel and Nathan Robbins, "SEEDS/Pike Country Conservation District Calendar Solution"; faculty adviser, Alan Peslak.

Creative Writing

First Place -- Seth Romanovich, "I'm tired of spending countless dollars…"; faculty adviser, Paul Perrone.

First Place -- Joe Lombardo, "This is gonna hurt…"; faculty adviser, Paul Perrone.

To see photos of this year's Undergraduate Research Fair, please visit our Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/pennstateworthingtonscranton/albums/72157682555357255.