Meet the marshal: Mechanical engineering student marshal, Antonio Pugliese

Mechanical engineering student marshal Antonio Pugliese smiles in front of Engineering Building.

Antonio Pugliese

Credit: Morgan Sewack

DUNMORE, Pa. – Penn State Scranton is shining a spotlight on the campus’ student marshals who will be leading their fellow graduates during the campus’ 56th commencement ceremony procession on May 4 at The Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple. This series will feature students who have been selected as student marshals for their respective academic programs. Join us as we delve into their academic journeys, insights and advice for future students. Each individual represents the dedication, talent and spirit of excellence that define the Penn State Scranton community.

Student Marshal: Antonio Pugliese

Major: Mechanical engineering, B.S.

Q: What are your post-grad plans?

Pugliese: Working as an engineer at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Q: What was your favorite memory at Penn State Scranton?

Pugliese: My two favorite memories at Penn State Scranton are the first home game I started for the soccer team and winning first prize in the Undergraduate Research Fair and Exhibition.

Q: What was your favorite learning experience?

Pugliese: My favorite learning experience was in "ME 435" studying the NAO humanoid robot.

Q: What experience prepared you the most for what is next?

Pugliese: The mechanical engineering program provided me with the tools to complete hands-on, advanced, practical projects to prepare me for the challenges awaiting in the industry.

Q: Who at Penn State Scranton has supported you and how?

Pugliese: My small but mighty engineering class, and all the engineering program faculty have been incredibly supportive throughout my academic journey at Penn State Scranton. There is a comradery in this program between professors and students powered by a common passion for engineering that helped us overcome any obstacle in our learning.

Q: Do you have any advice for incoming students beginning their Penn State journey?

Pugliese: The Penn State experience is not a solo adventure. Nurture and take advantage of your relationship with your peers and professors. I encourage anyone starting out to get involved in extracurricular activities, join clubs, and run for leadership positions.