Three students receive Scranton Chancellor's Student Worker Service Award

headshots of the three Chancellor Service Award Students

Mahek Gandhi, Elizabeth (Liz) Morris and David Stoshick, left to right, were awarded this year's Chancellor’s Student Worker Service Award at Penn State Scranton's spring Welcome Back ceremony for campus faculty and staff. All three are student workers who have made great contributions and impressions in the departments in which they work.

Credit: Shannon Williams

DUNMORE, Pa. — Penn State Scranton Chancellor Marwan Wafa broke tradition for the first time this year by selecting three outstanding students for the prestigious Chancellor’s Student Worker Service Award. In a departure from the usual annual recognition of only selecting one student, Wafa felt compelled to honor three exceptional individuals who have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and go above and beyond in their roles as student workers.

"It's always a very hard choice when there are multiple students nominated, and this year, the nominees were all so exceptional, I just couldn't bring myself to choose just one," he said last week at the campus' Spring Welcome Back ceremony for faculty and staff. "So, for the first time ever, I decided to give the award to all three."

The 2024 Chancellor Student Worker Service Award recipients are named as follows:

Mahek Gandhi – Learning and Advising Center Student Assistant

In nominating her for this award, Penn State Scranton’s Learning and Advising Center staff members wrote: “Mahek is exemplary in the performance of her job. She is always willing to help students and staff alike. We can always count on her to perform her role in a positive and conscientious way. She is a role model for other students as she is authentic in her passion for helping others and shows immense leadership ability. She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her.”

Elizabeth (Liz) Morris – Student Work-Study Office Assistant

The Office of Academic Affairs, which nominated Morris, said: “Liz is eager to learn and to assist the office in her work-study role, which is demonstrated through her openness to instruction and feedback, and she approaches these learning opportunities with a cheerful attitude that is reflective of the positive personality that she brings when called upon, even if it means extending her work shift or staying late on a Friday afternoon. This dedication to the work-study position and her ability to work independently has significantly assisted the operations of both the Academic Affairs and Registrar’s offices.”

They added, “Off campus, during the summer months, Liz is a camp counselor to 6- and 7-year-old children. The joy she reaps in mentoring and working with youth has led her to her career goal of becoming a child psychologist. Her pleasant disposition and upbeat spirit make her a very collegial co-worker and helps emulate the mood of those with whom she encounters. She fosters a welcoming campus in the truest sense.”

David Stoshick – Office Ambassador in Admissions and Financial Aid

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid nominated Stoshick, saying:  “David is an exemplary student and worker. He is extremely capable and proves his abilities each time he comes into the office. Our office benefits greatly from having David as our work-study. Admission events are exponentially important to the recruitment of potential students at Penn State Scranton, and a vital part of that is the presence of our Lion Ambassadors. This coordination is done successfully at the direction of David."

This historic decision to honor three outstanding student workers emphasizes Penn State Scranton’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating exceptional efforts within the campus community.