Information for New Students

Information for New Students

Welcome to Penn State Scranton!


Congratulations! You have been accepted to Penn State University. We hope you will take a look at our website and learn more about Penn State Scranton and what the campus has to offer.

Please take a look at the steps you will take to become a student at Penn State Scranton, starting with your offer of admission.

You are offered admission.

Upon receipt of a completed application and any transcripts, Penn State will offer admission to all qualified applicants. If an offer is not made, you should not assume that your options are closed. Contact the Admissions Office to explore your options.

Accept your offer.

Once you have received an offer of admission, your next step is to accept the offer, which tells the University that you intend to enroll. First-year students accept their offer by paying a $230 enrollment fee.

Attend New Student Orientation

This step is designed to acquaint you with the academic world of Penn State. Orientation helps you explore the different academic opportunities available at the University, as well as the requirements of your chosen degree. Your testing results will be interpreted and explained to you.

Schedule your classes

All students will meet with an academic adviser in order to prepare a schedule of classes that meets their needs as well as the requirements of their chosen degree. New first-year students schedule classes during New Student Orientation, while transfer students make an individual appointment with their academic adviser. Transfer students will be notified by mail with the contact information for their assigned academic adviser.

Begin your classes

At this stage, you are ready to get started! Class times, building names, and room numbers are printed on your schedule of classes. Contact the admissions office if you would like a tour before classes begin.The registrar's office can provide you with a complete schedule of important dates for the entire semester.