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Scranton LaunchBox intern moves on to new role with NEPA Alliance

Quinnlan Speckhardt, '24 Business, a senior intern at the Penn State Scranton LaunchBox, is bidding farewell to his role as he embarks on a new journey with NEPA Alliance.
By: Morgan Sewack

DUNMORE, Pa. – New Penn State alumnus Quinnlan Speckhardt, a recent grad in business, who worked as a senior intern/fellow at the Scranton LaunchBox, is bidding farewell to that role as he embarks on a new journey with NEPA Alliance. He credits his internship experience with helping to prepare him for his new position, saying it has been "transformative", equipping him with valuable skills and experiences that paved the way for this new career opportunity.

“My time as the senior intern at the LaunchBox was experiential and enjoyable,” said Speckhardt.

While working at the Scranton LaunchBox Speckhardt’s responsibilities ranged from facility maintenance to participating in client meetings and various administrative tasks. However, it was the opportunity to engage with clients and implement meaningful changes that truly stood out for him.

“After pointing out that the wording on one of our signs wasn’t optimal for everyday people, I was given the opportunity to redesign it,” Speckhardt said. This hands-on experience allowed him to leverage resources effectively, demonstrating his proactive approach to problem-solving.

Speckhardt’s initiative extended beyond his assigned duties

He conceptualized a project aimed at bridging Penn State's student community with local businesses, recognizing the mutual benefits of such collaborations. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with campus organizations, he orchestrated a successful event that brought students and business owners together, fostering real-world learning experiences.

“Working at the LaunchBox has been an amazing opportunity for me,” Speckhardt said. He embraced his role as a liaison between the LaunchBox and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in northeastern Pennsylvania, actively participating in networking events and supporting a variety of small businesses in the area.

In recognition of his contributions and dedication, Speckhardt was promoted to the position of Fellow at LaunchBox earlier this year. With this elevation came added responsibilities, including representing the LaunchBox at events and spearheading projects such as content creation to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

His journey from senior intern to LaunchBox Fellow exemplifies the program's commitment to fostering innovation and empowering future business leaders. As he transitions to his new role at NEPA Alliance, his legacy at the Scranton LaunchBox serves as a testament to the program's impact on shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Scranton community.

The Scranton LaunchBox is a pre-incubator/accelerator initiative in downtown Scranton that aims to nurture local entrepreneurship by providing free educational and technical support for aspiring entrepreneurs and assisting local business development. It is supported in part by Invent Penn State and Penn State Scranton, whose students, faculty and staff provide networking and technical assistance to participants.

The entire LaunchBox and Innovation Network is comprised of 21 LaunchBoxes and innovation spaces embedded within Penn State's Commonwealth campus communities across the state. Each innovation space provides a wide array of no-cost resources needed by entrepreneurs and innovators. 

NEPA Alliance, a regional community and economic development agency, serves the seven counties of Northeastern Pennsylvania including Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill and Wayne. NEPA Alliance services include Federal and State grant assistance, Business Financing, Government Contracting Assistance, International Trade Assistance, Nonprofit Assistance, Transportation Planning and Research and Information.