Penn State Worthington Scranton Graduates 208

Penn State Worthington Scranton held its 48th Commencement on Saturday, May 7 during a ceremony at the Scranton Cultural Center. 

Penn State Worthington Scranton Chancellor Marwan A. Wafa, Ph.D. presided, and Al Cappelloni, Jr. Penn State Worthington Scranton and University alumnus, and tax partner with RSM, Boston, delivered the commencement address.  Paul Perrone, senior instructor of English, served as faculty marshal for the ceremony.

Cappelloni was introduced by PSWS Advisory Board Chair Dr. Darlene Dunay. Kathy Casarin, campus alumni society president, offered the alumni charge to the new group of Penn State Worthington Scranton alumni.

In his commencement speech, Mr. Cappelloni encouraged the graduates to always work hard and give their best effort in order to achieve success. He recounted his memories of former PSWS professor and basketball coach Mike Abdalla, who would tell his players that if something is worth doing, then give it everything you have.  Give your best effort at everything you do. It is a piece of advice he has never forgotten and even instilled in his own children.

"I understand that people can make mistakes.  And I realize there are people of varying abilities, but everyone can give their best effort and work hard.  You owe that to yourself, and you owe that to the people that you work for and with," Cappelloni stated.  "And that same principal holds true for your personal life.  You should always give your best effort at whatever you do."

"I have also learned that being prepared, and being confident, are important qualities that will put you in a position to succeed," Cappelloni advised.   "Confidence comes from being prepared.  The first impressions you make on people are so critical.  People make judgements about other people in a very short time frame.   Presenting a prepared and confident, not cocky, personality will immediately give you credibility."

Another of his guiding principles that he shared with the graduates, was: Do The Right Thing. 

"It is a very simple mantra—Do the Right Thing.," he said.  "If you simply fall back on this concept, you will generally make good decisions, and the right decisions. They may not always be the popular thing to do, but when people have trust in your honesty and your decision-making process, you will be very effective.  In my current role as leader of a group of over 130 people, I am constantly making decisions that have an impact on people's lives.  Decisions about promotions, compensation, whether someone is capable of continuing with us.  These are decisions that affect people's lives and careers.  Focusing on the very simple concept of "Do the Right Thing" has guided me in making hard decisions."

The 208 Penn State Worthington Scranton graduates join over 13,000 students receiving diplomas this spring from all of Penn State's 24 campuses, making the entire Penn State family more than 770,000 strong!

Penn State Worthington Scranton granted baccalaureate degrees in Business; Corporate Communication; English; Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; Nursing; and Science.

Associate degrees were awarded in: Business Administration; Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; and Nursing.

Several students graduated with honors of distinction. 

Graduating with Highest Distinction: Penny L. Seltzer.

Graduating with high distinction:  Marissa A. Conway, Mark P. Fulton, Jr., Mari A. Quinn, Miranda Reaser and Kristina M. Russo.

Graduating with distinction:  Deanna J. Brown, Harmony J. Ferrick, Deanna Garber and Nicole A. Stefko.

Recognition of Graduates with Military Service: Matthew J. Butler, John P. Conaboy, John A. Earley, Margaret Haven, Quinthus Y. Kemp, Corey R. Nealon, Elisabet Reyes-Chea, Richard P. Rogalewicz, and Lori A. Wisneski.

The following Penn State Worthington Scranton 2016 graduates, by Penn State college and degree earned are: 

Associate in Science, Business Administration:  Kamran Bakhriyev, Scranton; Jonathan P. Gurnari, Scranton; James A. McMyne, Carbondale; and Lori A. Wisneski, Jermyn.


Bachelor of Science, Business:  Vincent P. Alu, Scranton; Brittany Baron, Old Forge; Adam D. Barsigian, Old Forge; Angelica N. Berghoff, Hawley; Shawn P. Berry, Archbald; Kyle M. Best, Scranton; Cayla M. Boland, Dunmore; Kelly P. Burnside, Scranton; Anthony G. Carroll, Scranton; Marissa A. Conway, Scranton; Kaitlyn Decker, Dickson City; Taylor M. Decker, Dickson City; Geanette Deprimo-Davis, Archbald; Jonathon Devine, Scranton; Shanay M. Figueroa, Olyphant; Taylor Henry, Jefferson Township; Bryan M. Holod, Dickson City; Zachary P. Holod, Dickson City; Corisa M. Jubinsky, Mayfield; Quinthus Y. Kemp, Jessup; Jeffrey Kline, Dickson City; Johnathon P. Kozlosky, Olyphant; John F. Kresge III, Dunmore; Victoria Laboranti, Scranton; Joseph H. Loza, Mount Pocono; Dominic J. Ludovici, Scranton; Zackary Marmer, Pocono Pines; Salvatore C. Martarano, Olyphant; Alysha L. Marzani, Jefferson Township; Elisabeth D. McConnell, Honesdale; Megan E. McDonald, Jefferson Township; Peter M. Mendoza, Scranton; Thomas Moran, Dunmore; John Munley, Peckville; Alexander M. Nielsen, Jefferson Township; Andrea E. Odell, Honesdale; Alysa M. Orlowski, Covington Township; Chase J. Passeri, Scranton; Vatsal S. Patel, Scranton; Cierra L. Ragland, Scranton; Stacy R. Skates, Waymart; Laurance J. Strothers, Scranton; Craig J. Tallarico, Throop; Donald J. Wickizer Jr., Moosic; and William A. Widmer, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts, Corporate Communication:  Shawnna S. Meyers, Dunmore; and Victoria E. Sheridan, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts, English:  Laurel E. Altemier, Lake Ariel; Destiny R. Longworth, Moosic; Tara L. Marta, Scranton; James V. Polito III, Jermyn; John P. Quinn, Avoca; Marissa L. Rinaldi, Jefferson Township; Kristina M. Russo, Lake Ariel; Bianca A. Sickler, Scranton; Annelle M. Smith, Scott Township; and William E. Walsh, Scranton.


Associate in Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Katelynn McGuire, Scranton.


Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Jessica L. Bronson, Eynon; Brittany A. Buckley, Scranton; Larissa N. Castanaro, Moscow; Kayla A. Cavanaugh, Taylor; Kylee M. Cosgrove, Kingston; Ashley N. Cottrell, Taylor; Taylor Davis, Hawley; Elizabeth V. Edgar, Edwardsville; Emily M. Enkulenko, Scranton; Mark P. Fulton, Jr., Scranton; Deanna Garber, Dunmore; Sarah M. Guchanyk, South Abington Township; Erica D. Hunsicker, Dunmore; Amanda K. Iffert, Clarks Summit; Zachary T. Kenney, Dunmore; Rachel M. Kevra, Scranton; Angela N. Knepp, Taylor; Christine M. Lashinski, Dickson City; Mollie C. Lyons, Dunmore; Juan P. Madrigal, Gouldsboro; Courtney P. McDonald, Waymart; Kirsten M. Murphy, Scranton; Courtney M. Osborne, Hawley; Kelsey A. Pentasuglio, Madison Township; Felicia M. Petrillo, Scranton; Elisabet Reyes-Chea, Pringle; Danielle E. Segilia, Moosic; Penny L. Seltzer, Shohola; Ronda E. Slonaker, Gouldsboro; Kyrra Struble, Forest City; Mary Ubaldini, Eynon; Aubrey J. Wargowsky, Duryea; Janice S. Warner, Carbondale; and Elizabeth E. Zawicki, Lake Ariel.



Associate in Science, Information Sciences and Technology:  Jose A. Melendez,  Scranton.


Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology:  Alexander J. Abdalla, Dickson City; Nicholas M. Arnold, Olyphant; Thomas J. Butler Jr., Dunmore; Zachary J. Carling, Covington Township; Paul J. Cimino, Scranton; Jason M. Cruz, Lakewood; Richard N. Dooley, Greenfield Township; John A. Earley, Dunmore; Steven Feng, Scranton; Timothy J. Granata, Lake Ariel; Brian M. Longo, Scranton; Corey R. Nealon, Charlotte, N.C.; Tarun P. Singh, Scranton; Brendan T. Snyder, Waymart; Nicole A. Stefko, Clarks Summit; Alexander J. Terrery, Dunmore; and Nicholas J. Tomaine, Archbald.


Associate in Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:  William P. Beichler, Fleetville; Amanda L. Demming, Scranton; Jessica Dizek, Throop; Yaneth Hidalgo-Vasquez, Peckville; Kristara V. Kopicki, Clarks Summit; Victoria E. Mandarano, Scranton; Callista A. Newhart,  Montrose; Samantha R. Saylor, Elmhurst; and Nicholas Vieira, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:  Vania Hogben, Scranton; and Destinee D. Jonas, Forest City.


Associate in Science, Nursing:  Mary A. Amico, Greenfield Township; Anthony P. Anelli, Jefferson Township; Rachel Baldan, Mayfield; Alexa E. Barsigian, Old Forge; Bernadette M. Bellington, Archbald; April C. Bender, Scranton; Melissa L. Biggs, Scranton; Jessica L. Brennan, Dalton; Stephanie L. Burgio, Harvey's Lake; Kimberly J. Caines, Springville; Meredith A. Caldwell, Scranton; Tara E. Calvey, Clarks Green; John P. Conaboy, Scranton; Adam D. Crimi, Peckville; Lauren A. Cutri, Dickson City; Anna M. Dainty, Scranton; Bernice Ewoodzie, Wilkes Barre; Harmony J. Ferrick, Honesdale; Hiroko S. Folio, Cresco; Paige L. Fratamico, Lake Ariel; Margaret Haven, Scranton; Ashlie L. Holen, Dalton; Kiera A. Howells, Scranton; Catherine M. Keegan, Mayfield; Amy M. Lamm, Covington Township; Linda K. Lombardo, Throop; Kelly A. Lynn, Hegins; Marygrace Mailen, Old Forge; Brittany N. Marold, Honesdale; Elizabeth H. Martino, Madison Township; Jennifer Mataloni, Hughestown; Oksana Mazur, Springbrook Township; Caitlyn M. Mehosky,  West Grove; Caitlin S. Monahan, Clarks Summit; Megan E. Nothdurft, Clarks Summit; Janki V. Patel, Scranton; Sarah Posaski, Clarks Summit; Mari A. Quinn, Scranton; Miranda L. Reaser, Moscow; Robert J. Rudzinski, Throop; Rachel A. Stahl, New Milford; Michelle A. Styer, Peckville; Ryan P. Temsamrit, Scranton; Irene Tetonis, Waymart; Alfred T. Thorne, Moscow; Harmony J. Vitali, Olyphant; Stephen M. Williams, Exeter; and Kara A. Zerby, Forest City.


Bachelor of Science, Nursing:  Edrees Abdul Latif, Scranton; Eleanor M. Bader, Scranton; Jill Balko, Scranton; Tracy A. Boland, Dalton; Matthew J. Butler, Scranton; Maria L. Capwell, Jefferson Township; Leann Cortright, Jessup; Melissa M. Cotillo, Blakely; Gabriella N. Cristiano, Jermyn; Kelly A. Denicola, Duryea; Mary K. Gattuso, Mountain Top; Elizabeth R. Guinan, Archbald; Julie A. Hankins, Newportville; Ashley Kocher, Pittston; Seth A. Leety, Scranton; Allison Y. Macias, Scranton; Amy M. Mc Dermott, Dupont; Jazmine N. Owens, Scranton; Mia G. Pantuso, Eynon; Jason Phillips, New Hope; Samantha M. Pisano, South Abington Township; Anthony J. Pusateri, Clarks Summit; Richard P. Rogalewicz Jr., Dunmore; Cheryl A. Rudnesky, Wilkes-Barre Township; Diane Trager, Scranton; Sarah L. Velilla, Ardmore; Caroline L. Walsh, Scranton; Kristin E. Woody, Mayfield; and Diane M. Zelinski, Wyoming.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology:  Patrick W. McDonough, Scranton.


Bachelor of Science, Science:  Ahmet Ahmetbeg, Scranton; Deanna J. Brown, Milford; and Kyle T. Walsh, Jermyn.


Bachelor of Science, Biobehavioral Health:  Kathleen K. Grogan, Scranton.


Bachelor of Science, Psychology:   Jordan A. Aebli, Covington Township.