Scranton Business Club explores real-world industry insights at Benco Dental

Students are led on a tour of Benco Dental

Penn State Scranton Business Club students, from left — Jermin Gilbert, Christian Dructor, Angelica Berardi, Francesca Villano and Penn State Scranton Lecturer of Business Kevin Feifer — recently toured Benco Dental's headquarters in Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania, which gave them a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of the dental supply business.

Credit: Penn State

DUNMORE, Pa. — Integrating real-world experiences outside the classroom is crucial for students' success and development.

Acknowledging this, Penn State Scranton's Business Club arranged a tour of Benco Dental in Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania, this spring. Guided by Penn State Scranton Lecturer of Business Kevin Feifer, the excursion gave the group invaluable insights into the inner workings of one of the nation's leading dental distributors.

"Company tours provide practical, real-world experiences that complement classroom learning," said Feifer. "They showcase industry procedures, offer networking opportunities with professionals, and inspire students to explore potential career paths."

Benco Dental is a century-old, national, family-owned dental distributor in northeastern Pennsylvania offering a strong distribution network and a comprehensive range of  curated products, solutions and services for dental providers.

During the tour, Benco's Culture and People Senior Talent Coordinator Danielle Dominick led the students through an engaging exploration of the company's corporate facility. Students saw first hand the company’s supply chain management functions and learned about the importance of marketing, from sales strategies to customer service.

The tour of Benco Dental provided our students with a unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world context. It's crucial for students to understand how concepts learned in the classroom translate to practical applications within the industry.

—Kevin Pfeifer , Penn State Scranton lecturer of business

The tour concluded with an informative session dedicated to internship and full-time job opportunities available at Benco Dental. Students left with a deeper understanding of potential career paths and the skills required to succeed in the dental distribution sector.

"These experiences are vital in preparing students for success in their future endeavors," Feifer said. "Some of our students aspire to start their own businesses after completing their degrees, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Benco Dental has inspired them to pursue their dreams."

Business club members Francesca Villano and Jermin Gilbert shared their key takeaways from the tour, emphasizing the company's rich history, operational insights, advanced technology and significant role within the dental industry.

“The tour provided valuable insights into Benco Dental's supply chain system, including how they source products, manage inventory, and distribute goods. Getting a glimpse of how these things actually work in a real business setting was really fascinating! I would definitely recommend touring Benco Dental for anyone interested in supply chain management,” Villano said.

Gilbert was particularly impressed by Benco Dental's wide range of supplies, equipment and services.

“This trip enhanced my understanding of concepts learned in the classroom. The tour guide highlighted the departments that make up the heart of Benco Dental,” Gilbert said. “Being a financial services student, this tour provided insight into the inner workings of a company of that magnitude. Benco Dental offers jobs for various departments such as financial department, marketing, management, accounting and so much more. “

Feifer and Penn State Scranton’s business club extended their gratitude to Benco Dental and Danielle Dominick for providing this enriching opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and explore potential career paths. Such initiatives play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of business leaders and innovators, said Feifer.