Corinne Nulton is the February Employee of the Month

DUNMORE, Pa. — Corinne Nulton, undergraduate student adviser in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, has been named the February Employee of the Month at Penn State Scranton by Chancellor Marwan Wafa.

Corinne Nulton

Penn State Scranton Chancellor Marwan Wafa has announced that Corinne Nulton is the February Employee of the Month.

Credit: Penn State

In her nomination, which was submitted by Durell Johnson, chief academic officer, and other academic affairs staff members, Nulton was commended for her dedication to Penn State Scranton students and their success. 

They wrote: Corinne is truly dedicated to our students and their success at Penn State Scranton. She works very hard for our students and serves as their advocate through her thoughtful and personal guidance, and she excels in providing the delicate balance of offering support to students while still challenging them to do what is needed to be successful.

"Corinne has a true gift for academically advising students and takes the time to consistently provide the one-on-one attention each student needs to feel confident in their academic plan. She goes above and beyond daily to ensure that students are supported and have the best possible chance to successfully complete their degree."

They added: "Corinne assists students in managing the many academic choices and University systems involved in pursuing a Penn State degree. As an adviser for the PaSSS program, Corinne meets with each student to discuss the benefits and expectations, a role that has been key in the recruitment and retention of the students in this successful program designed to give participants a jumpstart on their Penn State education. Corinne also serves as an instructor for the PaSSS program and helped develop the PaSSS English Academy which was delivered to all Commonwealth Campuses PaSSS programs in 2020. She works tirelessly for all students, always provides students with the attention they deserve, and is always willing to help, no matter the circumstance.

"Corinne is an amazing coworker and a wonderful resource, and it is an honor [to have] her to be a part of the Academic Affairs staff and campus community.”

Those wishing to nominate Penn State Scranton staff members for recognition may do so at this link.