Shannon Williams is Penn State Scranton's November Employee of the Month

DUNMORE, Pa. — Shannon Williams, campus web designer, has been named the Employee of the Month for November by Marwan Wafa, Penn State Scranton chancellor.

She was nominated for the position by Michele Nicoteri, administrative support assistant in Student Programs and Services.

Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams, campus web designer, has been named the Employee of the Month for November by Penn State Scranton Chancellor Marwan Wafa.  

Credit: Penn State

Nicoteri said: "Shannon’s work is exceptional, from the daily stories on Facebook highlighting the campus, to the continuous changes to our website. She never does just a task, she brings creativity and a little extra to everything she does. Her Facebook stories are varied and create a great presence for our campus. 

"Shannon was able to improve our website’s ability to provide information based on search criteria. We spoke about the importance of our website as a recruiting tool, but the search feature had not worked since the upgrade from RedDot years ago. Shannon changed this. Now when you search on the site, you are able to find the information quickly. This one thing made a huge impact to our campus."

She added: "In all of my interactions with Shannon, she is always professional, pleasant and helpful. She always takes time to answer questions and never makes me feel like she is too busy to help me, even though she is very busy."

Giving an example, Nicoteri said: "When Sarah Tichenor and I were tasked with updating NSO guides with software that we were unfamiliar with, we asked Shannon for help. Not only did she offer to help us, but since she was familiar with the software, she offered to take on the responsibility for us if her supervisor allowed.

"Shannon also has great insight in how to make our webpages so much better. When I ask her to release changes I have made, she takes the time to review the information and makes them even better. She does this in a way that is collaborative, supportive and welcoming," added Nicoteri.

"For NSO, Shannon is also out at the Lion Shrine welcoming students and taking pictures of them which are posted on our Facebook page."

The Employee of the Month is a recognition award created by Wafa to distinguish staff members who "go above and beyond the call of duty" in serving the campus.

To nominate a staff member that deserves to be recognized for “going above and beyond,” go to: