Provost Award

The Provost Award follows a student if the student transitions to another Commonwealth Campus or to University Park. This four-year award is available to first-year students at Penn State’s 20 undergraduate campuses, excluding World Campus. Both Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents are considered for this award. The Provost Award is dedicated to Pennsylvania residents and ranges between $5,000 (for freshmen and sophomores) and $7,000 (for juniors and seniors).

General Award Information

The following is an outline of the Provost’s Award available at our 20 undergraduate campuses (campuses other than World Campus)

Student Type Penn State Years 1 and 2 Penn State Years 3 and 4 Total Value of Award
First-Year Baccalaureate (four-year degree) $5,000 per academic year ($2,500 per semester) $7,000 per academic year ($3,500 per semester) $24,000 four-year value

Penn State Provost’s Award available at our 20 undergraduate campuses.

Eligibility Information:

  • Consideration is given to Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents.
  • Recipients must be NEW undergraduate first-year students to the University.
  • Every student with an offer of admission to Penn State (other than World Campus) is considered for the award.
  • Students do not have to apply for the award – they are automatically considered.
  • Penn State recommends submitting a FAFSA, although it is not a requirement to be eligible for the award.
  • The award cannot be combined with the Discover Penn State Award.

Renewal Criteria

Students must:

  • Be enrolled at a Penn State Campus other than World Campus;
  • Be in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0) at the end of the spring semester of each academic year;
  • Complete a minimum of 24 credits per academic year.
  • Students may transition between Penn State’s 20 undergraduate campuses and retain the award.

Note: Students with offers of admission to World Campus are not eligible for this award. Additionally, students who plan to transition to World Campus are not eligible to retain the award.

Awarding Timeline

​Students are notified of receipt of the Provost’s Award on a rolling basis, with the first round of awarding typically occurring in December.