Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain Management


Firms strive to make the production and distribution of their products and services as efficient and effective as possible. They do this through integrating operations, logistics, purchasing, and distribution in ways that benefit themselves and their customers.  

Many projects and initiatives firms undertake focus on implementing systems and new practices to improve this integration. These crucial business activities are what project management and supply chain management are all about.

Our Project and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) degree equips students to enter careers in business functions devoted to acquiring, producing, and delivering goods and services worldwide. 

These PSCM functions involve some of the most complex process management systems in business, and PSCM professionals need both analytic skills and people skills in order to design and operate these systems. 

All businesses must acquire and transform resources. All businesses must distribute their finished products and services. All businesses make improvements in these pursuits and other organizational functions through deliberate, effective project planning and execution.

The PSCM degree at Penn State Scranton equips students for these challenges.

Penn State Scranton shares the Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management degree program with the Hazleton, Lehigh Valley, Schuylkill, and Wilkes-Barre campuses of Penn State.

All courses needed for the PSCM degree will be offered at each campus. 

Students should expect to take some courses via a combination of web-based, video conference, and face-to-face class formats.