What is a SAP?

What is a SAP?

What is a Suggested Academic Plan?

Suggested Academic Plans (SAPs) provide the possible order of courses students might follow as they pursue a particular degree. SAPs are proposed schedules only; but they do incorporate prerequisites in proper sequence, so following the SAP closely ensures your progress through the degree program.

Individual PSCM students’ schedules might look somewhat different if, in consultation with an academic adviser, the students have created slightly different plans. Again, care should be taken when changing the order of courses, as the SAP takes into account prerequisites and course controls.

Changing the order of a SAP might be in the student’s best interests, however, and can occur with an adviser's guidance.

All PSCM students should consult the University Bulletin and their degree audit to be sure of the courses needed for graduation in this major. 

The University Bulletin also contains descriptions of all PSCM degree courses, including clear listings of their prerequisites and any applicable entry restrictions.

Entrance to Major

PSCM students at our campus typically start out in pre-major status.  Once they satisfy “entrance to major” requirements (see the University Bulletin or use the Entrance to Major link in LionPATH), our PSCM students then select the University College PSCM major. 

Penn State’s University College criteria for entrance to the PSCM major are these:

  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Third-semester or higher standing
  • ACCTG 211
  • ECON 102
  • ENGL 15 or ENGL 30
  • MATH 110 or MATH 140
  • STAT 200 or SCM 200

Note that PSCM students must dive into their math requirements and other Year 1 and Year 2 courses promptly, as the PSCM SAP suggests, in order to qualify for entrance to the major. 

Students changing majors to PSCM or transferring into the PSCM program from other institutions must be certain to take key prerequisites (e.g., ACCTG 211 and SCM 200), as needed, as soon as possible in order to stay on track or to start catching up in the degree program.