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Penn State gives you options to pursue your dreams.

No matter where you start, no matter where you finish, your degree will be a Penn State degree. 

Penn State is ranked No. 83 in the world, placing it in the top 6% of universities worldwide, among the 1,500 institutions ranked by the 2024 QS World University Rankings.  Penn State also placed at No. 8 among public universities nationally and No. 4 among Big Ten institutions, rising to No. 24 among all U.S. universities.

The University is also in the top 10% worldwide in employer reputation and employment outcomes, with Penn State graduates gaining in employment sectors across industry, government, education and nonprofit organizations, and are highly sought after by employers. Locally, Penn State Scranton  students engage in internship and mentoring opportunities with small and large businesses and both local and national companies and organizations, helping them gain real-world experience.

Penn State was also ranked No. 4 in a compilation of best colleges for first-generation students.  With over 46% of Penn State Scranton students being first-generation, our campus faculty and staff recognize the needs of these students and are committed to making their college experience a positive one. 

As a Commonwealth Campus of Penn State serving residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 50 years in our current Dunmore location, it offers students a degree that obtain locally that is recognized GLOBALLY!

Penn State is an internationally recognized comprehensive university, offering more than 275 undergraduate majors, plus hundreds of possibilities for double majors, minors, options, and other ways to tailor your education to your interests, including graduate programs and professional development opportunities.


We’re also able to help transfer students from two-year institutions interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Our admission staff will help you with transferring qualifying credits, financial aid and choosing the right program to fit your needs.  

Just think of the opportunities you will have by earning a degree from one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the world. 

Penn State’s doors and resources are open to you no matter where you are.

Penn State isn’t a single place; we are a multi-campus university and the quality of education does not change between geographic or digital locations. 

Located in twenty-four communities across Pennsylvania and globally online, Penn State’s world-class education is available to meet you where you are – right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Located on forty-five acres outside of Scranton, Penn State Scranton strives to provide innovative instruction and support to help you achieve your potential. 

We provide the same high-quality academics, state-of-the-art technology and a supportive faculty that you’ll find at the main campus. 

Penn State Scranton’s long tradition of academic excellence, investment in student success, and commitment to providing opportunities make it a great place to study. And our learning environment remains warm, personal, uniformly excellent and all about you. 

Our tuition is also among the lowest of colleges in the region which makes Penn State Scranton an affordable option to further your education close to home.  (All cost of attendance elements can be viewed at: University Budget Office’s Tuition and Fees schedules, after selecting the location.)

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Any student who visits campus before applying is eligible for application fee waiver

A world of possibilities 

Breadth and depth are some of the things that make Penn State special — Penn State students have the opportunity to explore many fields of study. You might combine your intended major with a very different minor — say, a major in business with a minor in information technology — to prepare yourself for a specific career. Or you might just want to explore fields you've never studied before, and at Penn State you have almost limitless choices. 

The same internationally renowned Pennsylvania State University bachelor's degrees that are known by employers around the globe can be started right here on the Scranton campus. The Scranton campus offers complete study in 14 baccalaureate degree programs or you can begin the first two years of any of Penn State’s 275+ majors here before transferring to University Park or another Penn State campus.  

Your degree says "Penn State" 

No matter how you learn and work, in whatever discipline you choose, you’ll emerge with the same Penn State degree.  

Every student — regardless of their campus — receives an identical diploma or certificate that signifies they have completed a Penn State program.  

There is nothing on the certificate to indicate whether courses were taken online or on campus. 

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So whether you begin day one of your academic journey at University Park, or start here and finish at any Commonwealth campus through the 2+2 Degree Plan, or spend it entirely at Penn State Scranton, your degree will say "Penn State University". 

Check out our visit options and get started.

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