BA 495 Business Internship

BA 495 Business Internship

The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) has developed the following guidelines for BA 495A (Internship in Business). This internship program is open to junior and senior Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) students who meet the qualifications of the program (see Qualifications for Internship). Penn State is implementing this internship program with the intention of enriching the academic and practical educational experience of Penn State BSB majors, while providing a valuable resource/service to the many organizations that comprise our service area.


All parties involved in the internship program should benefit from the experience. The successful completion of a business internship should provide the student with the practical, "hands-on" experience in the business world that today's employer requires. The employer benefits from having the opportunity to bring into its place of business a highly motivated intern who can contribute to the success of the business. The internship experience also provides the employer with the opportunity to screen a potential permanent employee. Penn State benefits from the contacts and goodwill generated from placing our students with local, regional, national, and international organizations.




A student who has successfully completed all the requirements for BA 495A earns three to six credits for the experience.


Benefits of this Course:

  1. The student demonstrates a practical application of the business principles learned in previous courses.
  2. The instructor learns about his/her students through a first-hand look at their work.
  3. The student completes a written report of value, both to his/her employer and to his/her course work at Penn State.
  4. Penn State benefits from the good relations developed through this interaction with the business community.

Registration for BA 495 (6 crs.)

Fill out the ADD / DROP Form and return it the Internship Coordinator.