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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

For First-Year, Transfer, Adult and International Students  

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First-Year Students

Admission decisions for first-year students are made on the basis of several combined factors including:

  • Final grades in all subject areas for 9th, 10th and 11th grades
  • Weighted average or class rank for students who have taken AP/Honors courses
  • Required Carnegie (high school) units 
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), which must be sent directly to Penn State by the testing center.

Approximately two-thirds of the decision is based upon the high school GPA. The remaining one-third of the decision is based on other factors, which may include standardized test scores, class rank, personal statement, and activities list.

*Please note: The writing component of standardized tests (SAT or ACT) is not required. The writing component will not be used as part of our evaluation. If your test scores include the writing component, by all means, have those scores sent to Penn State. Additionally, we do not require SAT Subject Tests.

Class rank is also considered for students with Honors or Advanced Placement courses whose schools do not supply a weighted GPA. The optional personal statement and activity list are sometimes considered for students whose applications require additional review.

You also may begin your first two years of course work for over 160 Penn State majors at our campus, and finish the program at another Penn State location (2 + 2 degree plan).

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Although different academic programs have different admissions criteria, these numbers represent the middle 50% of students who were offered admission last year -- they are not cutoffs or averages.

Students who fall above and below these ranges may be eligible for admission. We encourage you to apply and let us decide what admissions options are available.

Contact us at 570-963-2500 or email us at if you have any questions concerning your eligibility for admissions.

Transfer Students

Admission decisions for transfer students are made on the basis of several combined factors:

  • The total number of credits a student has accumulated from all colleges and universities attended
  • The total grade point average (GPA) from all colleges and universities attended
  • Choice of major

Course work successfully completed at other colleges and universities that are members of the six regional accrediting associations will be considered for transfer credit.

To be eligible for review: the grade received in the course must be equivalent to a "C" (2.0) or higher at Penn State. The course should be useful in the student's program of study at Penn State.

College level course work completed at colleges or universities that are licensed by state boards of education to award associate degrees (or higher) but that are not members of one of the six regional accrediting associations may be eligible for credit by validation.

Transfer Course Evaluation Guide

Adult Student

For First-Year Degree Admission:

SAT I, or ACT scores will be waived for adult applicants who have been out of high school for five or more years, or veterans who have served in the military for four years with an honorable discharge.

In addition, we will review each applicant's high school coursework and/or GED individually as we consider you for admission.

For Adult Transfer Admission:

An applicant who has not met entrance requirements or achieved a 2.00 grade-point average on a 4.00 scale for graded courses taken at institutions previously attended and who has been absent from the institution(s) for four calendar years may apply to enroll in credit courses as a provisional student.

International Students

International applicants are those who require any type of visa in order to attend Penn State.

There are hundreds of reasons to choose Penn State, including:

  • More than 160 baccalaureate programs
  • 20+ student clubs and organizations
  • A system of 20 undergraduate campuses across Pennsylvania that enroll first-year students
  • Internationally-recognized faculty with achievements in research and education, and foremost,
  • Penn State's high-quality academics

ALL international applicants must submit TOEFL scores.



If you previously attended Penn State as a degree candidate and want to return, please contact the Registrar's Office at 570-963-2505 for information about how to re-enroll.