Student Athlete Excuse Request

In accordance with Faculty Senate Rule 67-00, which governs athletic competition, a student athlete who represents the University in an athletic contest shall be excused from class.

Student athletes who have a scheduling conflict with a game and a class need to complete the following form and submit it by the end of the class period prior to the class that will be missed. You must submit one form for each class you will miss.

Students who do not submit the form on time risk not being excused from class.

It is important to note that being excused from class does not mean being excused from the responsibility for the material missed.

Competition Details

Is the competition home or away?
Complete this field even if the game day is the same as the report date.
Is this a multi-day competition?

Class and Faculty Information

It is your responsibility to ensure that your instructor's email address is correct. We strongly recommend that you copy the address from the faculty directory instead of typing it yourself. Be aware that you will not be notified if your form submission isn't delivered to your instructor, and if your instructor does not receive this form because of an incorrect address, you might not be excused from class.
Check this box to sign the form.