Over 200 gather at Penn State Scranton for Lieutenant Governor's listening tour

Lt. governor john fetterman

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman addresses the crowd at Penn State Scranton on Saturday.

Credit: Penn State

Penn State Scranton hosted Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman on Saturday, March 2, as part of his statewide listening tour on the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. The state has already legalized medical marijuana.

More than 200 residents, as well as several local officials, packed the campus' Study Learning Center's View Cafe to voice their opinions on the issue and to hear what proponents and opponents had to say.

Fetterman made it clear that he wanted respect shown to speakers on both sides of the issue, and that the purpose of his stop in Dunmore was to gather information on how people feel about recreational marijuana and whether it should be legalized.

For more than 90 minutes, speakers took their turn at the microphone to share their experiences, their opinions and their arguments either for or against the issue.

At the end of the event, Fetterman thanked those in attendance for coming out and sharing their views and also had comment cards available for those who did not get to speak, or who did not want to speak publicly.

In addition, anyone who would like to submit feedback on the issue can do so online at www.governor.pa.gov/recreational-marijuana-feedback.