Penn State Scranton awards 148 scholarships totaling $478,000

Penn State Scranton scholarship reception crowd

Over 300 people attended Penn State Scranton's 2018 Scholarship Reception, an annual event held each year to honor the campus' scholarship donors and allow those donors and their scholarship recipients to meet.

Credit: Penn State

Penn State Scranton honored its scholarship donors and recognized the students who received those scholarships on October 4 at a special evening reception at Fiorelli’s, Peckville.

The annual reception is a Penn State Scranton tradition, allowing donors the opportunity to personally award their scholarship to the recipient(s) and meet the students and their families. It also gives the scholarship recipients the opportunity to personally thank and interact with the donors who have funded the scholarships they receive.

“I’d like to thank our donors, who make these campus scholarships possible, and congratulate our students here tonight who are the recipients of these scholarships, said Marwan Wafa, Penn State Scranton chancellor.

He added that this year, more scholarship funds were available to students thanks to the Open Doors Scholarship initiative that provided two-to-one matching of scholarships established from July 1, 2017 through June 30 of this year.

Also adding to the significance of this year’s event was the first round of scholarships given through the newly established Thomas F. Zenty III and Family Scholarship, which is given to students of at least sophomore academic standing and who are enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State Scranton; who have a demonstrated financial need; whose course of studies is in an area of health care that requires licensure or certification to practice direct patient care; and whose home address is in Lackawanna County.

Zenty, a campus and University alumnus, made campus history when he bestowed a $1.6 million gift to Penn State Scranton to establish two new scholarships for students there. It is the campus’ largest single donation received to date, said campus Director of Development Christine Ostroski, and thanks to a University match, Zenty’s gift totals $3.2 million.

This year, eight students benefited from his generosity.

Scholarships at the campus come from a variety of funding sources, which include private, corporate, and University-sponsored scholarships. Below are the scholarships that were awarded and their recipients.

The 2018-19 scholarships and recipients are:

Scholarships in perpetuity

Donald and Carol Lewis Ames Scholarship:  Brianna Clark

John and Patricia Atkins Scholarship:  Tatiana Augustin

The Axford Family Scholarship:  Kasimir Fantanarosa

Sharon Baldassari Kornfeld Memorial Scholarship:  Amanda Giblin

Margaret Briggs Memorial Scholarship:  Emily Kempa and Liliana Kettenburg

Violet and Richard Byron Scholarship:  Shawn Kane

Al & Patti Cappelloni Trustee Scholarship:  Christopher McLafferty, Shanie Mohamed and Jeff Panetti

CINRAM Scholarship:  Kyle Wind

Alfred P. (Fred) Ciotti Memorial Scholarship:  Zachary Blockberger and Angel Hunting

Janet A. Cottone Memorial Scholarship in Nursing:  Maren Lindemuth and Paige Patton

Harry Dickstein Memorial Scholarship:  Elizabeth Keddy

David M. and Aleen F. Epstein Scholarship:  Nicholaos Panagakos

Eureka Scholarship:  Summer Bryla and Kelly Fromert

James D. and Margaret S. Gallagher Honors Scholarship: Mia Laboranti

Gammaitoni-Barnes Trustee Scholarship:  Betty Capozzi and Sarah Hoger

James P. and Catherine M. Gilligan Memorial Scholarship:  Summer Czekaj and Robert Kennedy

Greater Scranton Jaycees Scholarship:  Parth Patel

Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Scholarship (in memory of George Lesho):  Christian Coronel, Logan DiSanto, Alex Langel, Carolyn Mack, Nicola Pugliese and Lauren Rzucidlo

Hahnemann/Geisinger Community Medical Center Nursing Alumni Trustee Scholarship:  Winnie Crawford and Elizabeth Olivares Martinez

Dr. Jason J. Hanyon Scholarship:  Elizabeth Brandt

Elmer and Louise Hawk Scholarship:  Alissa Chorba, Cory Frick , Raymond Kilmer and Kelly Richter 

Marie D. and John T. Howe Memorial Scholarship:  Jacob Karnick

Frank and Jean Hubbard Scholarship:  Jillian Bosley, Joshua Burch, Ryan Ephault, Julie Klocko, Alina Jones, Charles Lamparter, William Schuster, Brett Seidita, Zachary Taylor and Julia Tofilska

Jennings/McDonough Families Trustee Scholarship in Memory of Edward & Ann Jennings and “Big” Jim McDonough:  Dominque Jordan and Erika Wheeler

Grace Keen Memorial Scholarship:  Jessica Berger and Antonia Corma

Keystone Sanitary Landfill Scholarship:  Alexis Dutkevitch and Karli Kozel

Anita and George Lesho Scholarship:  Jason Kline

Anne E. Lohmann Memorial Scholarship:  Kimberly Stout-Kramer

Albert J. and Catherine Magnotta Memorial Scholarship:  Stephen Hineline

Albert J. and Dorothy Lois Magnotta, Jr. Scholarship:  Sam Chindemi

Lester and Helen Male Memorial Scholarship:  Mihir Patel

Joseph and Dorothy Schnerr Minelli Memorial Scholarship:  Dominic Lupini

Gino and Jean Cavalieri Mori Scholarship:  Carole Roesnbergen

Primo and Vittoria Ciuferri Mori/Paul Robeson Memorial Scholarship:  Kalia Jefferson

Eugene C. (Jake) Mullen Memorial Scholarship:  Claire Taylor

Jacquélyn Nichols Memorial Scholarship:  Mariah Petrucci

Orr-Ryan Memorial Scholarship:  Meet Patel

Winifred and Gerald Payne Memorial Scholarship:  Jenifer Kolessar

Clifford and Frieda Powell/William and Angela Freeman Scholarship:  Adriana Modesto

The Rice-Butler Family Scholarship:  Jared Griffin

Joan B. and Clayton A. Richmond Memorial Scholarship:  Jack Meyer

Mabel White Riker & Velma White Memorial Scholarship:  Isreal Ficcaro and Matthew Post

Stirling A. & Bess B. Riker and Frank & Cora (Dorney) White Memorial Scholarship:  Jacob Lidle and Shivkumar Patel

James & Margaret Rizzo Memorial Scholarship:  Connor Fratamico

Maria J. Russoniello Renaissance Scholarship:  Ryan Mangan, Alex Mierzejewski and Paige Patton

Nicholas and Diane Scandale Scholarship:  James Warnock

Schautz Family Scholarship:  Kyle Delhagen, Robert Murphy and Corryn Prince

Scranton Chapter of UNICO:  Matthew Giombetti

James T. and Frances Skibinski Memorial Scholarship:  Michael Fedorka

William S. (Billy) Soose Scholarship:  Tabitha Boyd

Anthony and Linda Sorgi Trustee Matching Scholarship:  Alexandra Caramelli and Holly Oppelt

Betty and Armond Strutin Memorial Scholarship:  Margaret Kraser

Christopher Sturchio Memorial Scholarship:  Stephanie Earle

The Times•Shamrock Scholarship:  Thomas Gonzales

Warren and Agnes Thomas Memorial Scholarship:  Krina Patel

Thomson Scholarship:  Danielle Aiello

David and Joyce Mack Tressler Scholarship:  Abby Fairclough

UGI Utilities, Inc. Trustee Scholarship:  Edward Andrukitis and Dhara Patel

United Gilsonite Laboratories Scholarship:  Benjamin Basalyga

Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship:  Leah Byman

John and Helen Villaume Memorial Trustee Scholarship:  Gavin Kelly

Wayne-Pike Penn State Chapter Scholarship:  Dominic Corma and Morgan Sharff

Dr. Stephen J. and Essie Weissberger Scholarship, in Memory of Harry and Leah Weissberger and Sam and Irene Zilenchick:  Ariana Argust

H. Leigh Woehling Memorial Scholarship:  Deanne Edwards

WFWB Trustee Scholarship:  Ashley Altiery and Adriana Modesto

John Woloschuk Memorial Scholarship:  Kevin Solomon

Penn State Scranton Alumni Society Scholarship:  Dorian Anderson
The Penn State Scranton Lion Ambassadors Scholarship:  Sabrina Gray

Worthington Scranton Memorial Scholarship:  Farzana Azizi

Joseph, Sr. and Catherine Zaydon Memorial Scholarship, with their children Dr. Joseph, Jemille and John:  Kyle Franceski, Douglas Griffiths and Nicholas Kremp

Edna & Thomas F. Zenty Trustee Scholarship:  Kalei Kowalchick and Rachel Salvaterra

Thomas F. Zenty, III and Family Scholarship:  Dana Beecroft, Hillary Blake, Taylir Evans, Molly Killian, Marissa McGowan, Britney Reinhart, Richard Szeles and Abbey Walsh

Penn State Scranton annual named scholarships

The following scholarships were created by individuals who have made a five-year commitment to fund scholarships at the official amount required by the University for this purpose.

Champi Family Scholarship:  Nicholas Skierkowski

Mary Duffy Scholarship:  Julie Maconeghy

The Kato Family Scholarship:  Steven Melnikov

Charles A. & Lola D. Sileo Memorial Scholarship:  Ryan Choa

The Sheridan Family Scholarship:  Paulina Henzel

The Donato and Pearl Telesca Scholarship:  Hang Kim Nguyen

James W. and Noel M. Thomas Family Scholarship:  Samantha Evanina

Other gifts in support of scholarships are offered as follows:

Ray Alberigi Gift of Scholarship:  Kelly Arnold

Louis J. & Raffaelina Borini Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Kenndra Ross

The Blue & White Society Gift of Scholarship:  Kenndra Ross

Dunmore Lions Club Gift of Scholarship:  Mark Finan and Jared Griffin
Gift of Scholarship in Honor of Verna Saleski:  Shannon Talarico

Keith Grover Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Joshua Wagner

The Knowing Nightingale Linda McAndrew Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Kalei Kowalchik

Erich Kurash Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Nancy Richards

The Lady with the Lamp, Linda McAndrew Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Shannon Talarico

Gift of Scholarship in Honor of Nicole Lynn:  Kenndra Ross

Jaclyn Mazur Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Shannon Talarico

Penn State Scranton Scholarship:  Thomas Kraser, Lauren Manley and Shamus McGuigan

Wafa Family Gift of Scholarship:  Christopher Davis

Barnes & Noble Presidential Scholarship:  Christian Coronel and Carolyn Mack

Bayard D. And Ethel M. Kunkle Scholarship:  Dominic Corma and Jared Griffin

Penn State Scranton Alumni Association Trustee Scholarship:  Julia Fessenden

Penn State Scranton Trustee Scholarship:  Juliana Aulisio and Belle Bonczkiewicz

Additional funds created by donors to support our students, faculty, and staff:

The Richard F. Dempsey Award in Information Sciences and Technology

The John Dolis International Studies Program Fund

The Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Athletic Program Endowment

The Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Faculty Research Fund

The Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Pride of Lions Award

The Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Nursing Program Endowment

The Ann Walsh Hawk Program Endowment in Human Development and Family Studies

The Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Service Award

The Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen Science Award

The Linde Family Business Mentoring Program Fund

The David and Joyce Mack Tressler Professional Development Fund

The Richard and Sally Matthews Endowment for Faculty Research and Scholarship

The Marcos Family Program Endowment in Information Sciences and Technology

The Lynn E. Moran Fund for Student Counseling Services

The Richard and Lois Ostroski Award for Adult Learners

The Robert E. and Catherine G. Quinnan Science Endowment

The Penn State Scranton Alumni Society Program Endowment

The Patrick J. Rose Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service

The K. Bruce Sherbine Penn State Proud Award

The Todd A. Sloan Leadership Fund

The Patrick J. and Mary Jane Sheridan Award for Excellence in Financial Services

The Tabatabaie Family Math and Science Award

The Suzanne M. Thomas Chancellor's Discretionary Fund

The Suzanne M. Thomas Undergraduate Research Fund in Science

UNICO Scranton Chapter Endowment in Italian Studies, Heritage, and Culture

The Richard M. and Jean McNichols Walsh Lectureship

The Walter Weber Memorial Award in Theatre and Speech Communications