Carter is named Worthington Scranton Employee of the Month

DUNMORE, Pa. — Alisa Carter, technical services employee in Penn State Worthington Scranton's maintenance and operations department, has been named the January employee of the month by Chancellor Marwan Wafa.

In his nomination, Director of Student Services and Engagement Brad Kovaleski said, "Alisa has been a great addition to our PSU family. Her positive energy, and commitment to the job do not go unnoticed. Not only is she great at her job, but she is fun to be around.

Campus Coordinator of Student Activities Julie Gilpatrick said, "Alisa has transformed the Study Learning Center. She never has to be asked to help with anything, she just jumps right in. Not only is her work respected by the staff, but the students love her and invite her to their events. Her dedication to her work helps me to be successful at my job!"

The Employee of the Month recognition was created by Chancellor Wafa as a way of distinguishing campus staff who "go above and beyond the call of duty" in serving Penn State Worthington Scranton.