Medical intuitive and medium Marisa Liza Pell guest lectures in nursing class

Students in Annette Blasi-Strubeck's NURS 464 Dying and Death class got some unique insights into their subject matter when Marisa Liza Pell, a nationally-known medium, medical intuitive and motivational speaker, visited the class and gave a special guest lecture, After Life, then what?  

The class, comprised of 15 RN, pre-nursing, Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) and Life Science (pre-med) majors also had an opportunity to talk with the medium and ask questions.

According to Blasi-Strubeck, many of the students were unsure if they believed in mediums or were "on the fence" about them prior to Pell's presentation.

Afterwards, some of them believed a little bit more, while one student told Blasi-Strubeck that he did not believe in mediums and hearing Pell speak did not change his mind.

Others in the class did have a pre-existing belief in mediums and Pell felt that two of the students even had "the gift" and a somewhat intuitive spirit. She even suggested the type of nursing specialty for one of them.

Blasi-Strubeck, who has been teaching NURS 464 since 2012, had always wanted to have a medium speak to one of her classes. Since one of the topics this particular class studies is what happens after people die, she felt it would be a perfect fit.

She chose Pell, in particular, because she had met her years ago and was very impressed. Pell has been featured on national news and news stations in Philadelphia. In the past, Blasi-Strubeck has also brought in funeral directors, attorneys who specialize in end of life legal issues, representatives from Gift of Life to speak about organ donation, and a hospice speaker.

"It truly was a wonderful experience," Blasi-Strubeck said. "Marisa told us how she realized that she was a medium and she has used this gift to help others. She also shared some experiences when spirits speak to her and what types of things they said. She also told us how she works with integrative physicians as a medical intuitive. The class was engaged and interested in the discussion."

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