Penn State Worthington Scranton is pleased to announce the Joseph & Catherine Zaydon Endowed Memorial Scholarship established by the Zaydon children.

Ms. Jemille Zaydon, a native of Scranton's Hyde Park, together with her brothers Dr. Joseph J. Zaydon, now a Kentucky-based plastic surgeon, and John Paul Zaydon, wanted to commemorate the sacrifices of their parents, Catherine and Joseph. "Both of my parents recognized the importance of higher education and they wanted that for their children", said Ms. Jemille Zaydon. "They continued to make sacrifices all of their lives," she said, "insuring that all of us understood the value of higher learning and applied ourselves to make it happen.

Together with my brothers Joseph and John, we believe they would be proud of this endowment," she added. "They were known to be kind, generous and loving to friends, family and everyone they met."

The Joseph & Catherine Zaydon Memorial Scholarship will provide recognition and financial assistance to academically accomplished undergraduate students enrolled, or planning to enroll, at Penn State Worthington Scranton.

Consideration will be given to students who have shown academic success and have demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to adult learners who have achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.2 after the completion of their freshman year.

The Joseph & Catherine Zaydon Family were also instrumental in planning and executing the Anne E. Lohmann Memorial Scholarship in memory of their lifetime friend and family member Anne E. Lohmann.  Dr. Zaydon stated "Anne's dedicated service as Admissions Counselor at Penn State Worthington Scranton, and her total commitment to Penn State served as an inspiration. The Catherine and Joseph Zaydon Endowed Memorial Scholarship," he added, "is meant to assist deserving students who are unable to find the resources necessary to attend college. It is our hope that this support will serve as a catalyst to these students who someday will make the choice to help others in a similar way."

Maria Russoniello, director of institutional advancement at Penn State Worthington Scranton stated, "we are truly grateful for the generosity of Zaydon Family for the Joseph & Catherine Zaydon Memorial Scholarship. The Award will be granted annually by the Penn State Worthington Scranton Scholarship Committee. Dr. Joseph, Jemille and John P. Zaydon understand and respect the importance of higher education and opportunity. Their kindness will be particularly helpful to our adult students as they manage multiple responsibilities in their lives."