Campus Award Nominations

To Our Campus Community:

The Campus Awards have long been a wonderful resource for recognition. We have been remarkably successful in convincing donors to support our faculty and staff for the work that they do on our campus and for our community. To steward these donors and to assure that their financial gifts and their wishes for our campus are appropriately directed has also long been the responsibility of CEOs and now Chancellors. It is a job responsibility that I both enjoy and take seriously.

With the commitment our campus has long had to make sure that everyone knows about these awards, we have worked hard  to provide more thorough information about our awards and the nomination process in order to encourage the broadest participation in our awards program. To this end, we have converted what was once on paper in different places to a more efficient single location. Please take a look at the site.


This change of practice is intended to encourage more participation from faculty, staff, students, and alumni as well as our donors who have treasured the many faculty and staff who have made changes in our lives. The intent is to assist us all to recognize our faculty and staff.

I encourage everyone to look at this pilot web site. I also encourage your comments for improvement.


Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen