Cafeteria Renovations Largest Ever

Penn State Worthington Scranton is undergoing major renovations over the summer months. A total rebuilding of the school's Cafeteria, located on the first floor of the Study Learning Center is underway. On the same floor of that building is the Penn State Worthington Scranton Bookstore which is also being redesigned and refurbished over the summer months. Dr. Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, chancellor of Penn State Worthington Scranton noted that the work is part of scheduled upgrades of the 45-acre campus.

"Earlier this spring we completed work on our baseball fields and they look great. When we looked at the age of our Cafeteria," she noted," it was obvious that a complete renovation was in order. Demolition is complete and so the rebuilding phase is underway."

Gene Grogan, director of the business office at Penn State Worthington Scranton manages the physical plant at the school. "We began demolition in early May," he said, "and right now the facility is completely gutted, down to the brick and concrete. Offices were temporarily relocated and entrances to the building have closed and opened at various times for safety," he added. "We keep the campus community informed as work progresses. Construction will take place throughout the summer. At one point we will move the Campus Bookstore downstairs to the Sherbine Lounge. This will also be a temporary relocation. This keeps the facility accessible to students, faculty and staff throughout the project."

Mr. Grogan noted that the project constitutes the largest renovation that the campus has ever experienced. "Certainly there will be inconveniences during the project," he noted, "but the work is being phased in such a way as to keep those inconveniences to a minimum. Summer classes and our Nittany Camps will not be adversely affected by this project."

Grogan noted that a major road replacement project is also underway throughout the campus. The lower campus road, leading from University Drive behind the Gallagher Conference Center, is receiving new curbs and resurfacing. This road runs behind the Library connecting the Nursing Department and the Multi-Purpose Building. Another road paving project will replace paving in front of the campus Maintenance Building.

Dr. Krogh-Jespersen noted that the scope of the project reflects Penn State Worthington Scranton's commitment to the future and the overall vitality of the institution. "We are all very excited about enhancing our campus. The work underway in our Cafeteria replaces a facility that was well planned and very well used," she said. "Penn State Worthington Scranton's new Cafeteria was designed by the architectural firm of Highland Associates of Clarks Summit. The project will nearly double the student service and food preparation areas. Included in the project is a 60-seat conference and dining area. This project will totally rebuild the Student Activities Office, Student Government Association offices, the office space for Cub's Roar, our student newspaper and will refurbish the Bookstore. Of course the entire facility is wireless accessible throughout for internet access," added Dr. Krogh-Jespersen.

The Penn State Worthington Scranton project is scheduled for completion well before the start of the fall semester.