Ever Wonder How Far Is Too Far?

Ever wonder how far is too far. The Penn State Worthington Scranton Student Union Board will present "Sex Signals," an interactive production about dating and relationships, on Tuesday, April 10th in the new Cafeteria Conference Center at 11:30 a.m. The general public is invited to attend.

Blending a unique combination of improvisational comedy, education, and audience participation, "Sex Signals" provides a provocative look at the issues of dating and sex on today's college campuses. The two-person show explores how mixed messages, gender role stereotypes, and unrealistic fantasies contribute to misunderstandings between the sexes.
Although the message is a serious one, the show uses humor throughout to engage audiences in candid discussions about interpersonal relationships. Seasoned actors and educators, the performers strike a balance between laughing about the differences between men and women, and clearly communicating some serious messages about how we treat one another.

This interactive program was first produced and critically acclaimed as "The Sensitive Swashbuckler & Other Dating Myths" at Chicago's highly respected Stage Left Theatre in May 2000. Since then, the show has been performed more than 1,000 times at more than 400 schools throughout the country. It has become one of the most popular programs on sexual assault awareness among college audiences and educators.