Penn State Worthington Scranton Boasts 213 Grads

Penn State Worthington Scranton recognized academic achievement and presented diplomas to baccalaureate and associate degree graduates in a ceremony on Friday evening, May 18. The Commencement was held in the schools Multi-Purpose Building. Penn State Worthington Scranton Chancellor Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D., presided.
Penn State Worthington Scranton granted baccalaureate degrees in American studies; business, human development and family studies; elementary and kindergarten education; information sciences and technology; letters, arts and sciences; and nursing. Associate degrees were awarded in architectural engineering technology; business administration; human development and family studies; information science and technology; letters, arts and sciences; and nursing.
Two hundred and thirteen Penn State Worthington Scranton students fulfilled their degree requirements during the 2006 2007 academic year, said Dr. Krogh-Jespersen. And it is with great pride that we acknowledge their accomplishments and wish them well in pursuing their future careers and academic goals. She added, these campus graduates join a powerful alumni network of hundreds of thousands of Penn Staters across the United State and around the world.
Graduates were introduced by Dr. Richard A. Kopley, interim director of academic affairs at Penn State Worthington Scranton and professor of English. John J. Baildon, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics served as faculty marshal.
Introducing Commencement Speaker Patrick J. Sheridan, C.P.A., was Advisory Board Vice Chairman Robert E. Quinnan. Mr. Sheridan, who serves as Penn State Worthington Scranton Advisory Board chairman, addressed the class of 2007 on Penn State Worthington Scranton A Great Place to Start.
Mr. Rick Pambianco, campus alumni society president offered the charge to the new group of Penn State Worthington Scranton alumni.
The following graduates received recognition for academic achievement. Graduating with Highest Distinction were Lynn Andreoli, Business, Old Forge; Vanessa A. Caparo,  Human Development Studies, Moscow; Elizabeth Harris,  Human Development Studies, Factoryville; Heather A. Luklanchuk, Human Development, Throop; and Joseph D. Marcavage,  Information Science and Technology, Dunmore.                           
Graduating with High Distinction were Deborah C. Kovaleski,  Business Administration, Greentown; Karen L. Shaffer,  Business Administration, Waymart;  Katrina D. Foster, Business, Matamoras; Joshua J. Olivo, Business, Dalton; Paul Wardach, Business, Clarks Summit; Lisa A. Swawola, Letters Arts and Sciences, Scranton; Jonathan E. Howells, Architectural Engineering Technology, Peckville; Jeanette J. Morrell, Nursing , Archbald; Brooke L. Jones, Information Sciences and Technology, Lake Ariel; and David J. Lutz, Information Sciences and Technology, Dunmore.                           
Graduating with Distinction were Erica Brown, Business, Throop; Jeffrey A. Decker, Business, Throop; Sasha M. Ahmed, Human Development and Family Studies, South Abington; Natassja C. Bates, Human Development and Family Studies, Hawley; Kimberly A. Jones, Human Development and Family Studies, Old Forge; Jessica L. Smith, Architectural Engineering and Technology, Hawley; Betsy L. Albers, Nursing, Newfoundland; Shannon M. Dougherty, Nursing, Scranton; William L. Kerber, Information Sciences and Technology, Clarks Summit; Victoria A. Keeler, Nursing, Clarks Summit; Laurel E. Lemons, Nursing, Dalton; Erminia Muto, Nursing, Clarks Summit; Sharon L. Rodriguez, Nursing, Long Pond; Cheryl L. Woods, Nursing, Honesdale; Lisa E. Regan, Nursing, Old Forge; Rebecca A. Topa, Nursing, Moscow; and Massoumeh Tossi, Information Sciences and Technology, Clarks Summit.                      
The following Penn State Worthington Scranton 2007 graduates, by Penn State College and degree earned are:

University College

Bachelor of Arts, American Studies.
Kate T. Pidgeon, Jermyn; and Joseph A. Toth III, Clarks Summit.                     
Associate in Science Business Administration
Emre Engin, Moscow;  Robert M. Grady, Throop; Andrea A. Hovan, Scranton;                          
Deborah C. Kovaleski, Greentown; Lisa M. Malsberger, Archbald; Angelo R. Rescigno, Jessup; Emily G. Resseguie, Archbald; Karen L. Shaffer, Waymart; and Kara A. Walsh, Scranton.                          
Bachelor of Science Business
Serena A. Allan; Maria Alu, Scranton; Lynn Andreoli, Old Forge; Larry J. Armbruster, Throop Noreen Bateridge, Throop; Jonathan M. Bossick, Waymart;
Kimberlee A. Briskie, Moosic; Erica L. Brown, Throop; Paul C. Carpenter, Scranton; Bridget A. Cavage, Greentown; Leann M. Centrella, Old Forge;                          
Brian T. Collins , Jermyn; Robert E. Connors, Scranton; John Conte III, Olyphant;                           
Brian J. Cooper, Peckville; Carol Coroniti, Scranton; Jeremy Cron, Scranton;                            
Jeffrey A. Decker, Throop; Dennis M. Dobitsch, Clifford; Michael F. Donati, Old Forge; Keith A. Drake, Greenfield Township; Joseph T. Duffy, Gouldsboro;                         
Sarah M. Durkin, Gouldsboro; Dana M. Ferrise, Dickson City; Katrina D. Foster, Matamoras; Maria K. Giacometti, Old Forge; Shannon D. Glacken, Scranton;                           
Michelle A. Gnall, Taylor; Jessica R. Gracia, Moscow; Jaime Grizzanti, Scranton ;                          
Kathleen A. Hadsall, Noxen; Howard L. Hallman, Gouldsboro; Ryan D. Judge, Clarks Summit; Fabia R. King, Clarks Summit; Kori Kneiss, Taylor; Ryan Kojsza, Scranton; Brooke M. Lewis, Susquehanna; Paul D. Madden, Waymart; Jeffrey R. Manasek, Palm Beach Gardens, FLA;  Melissa S. McAndrew, Browndale;                          
Elizabeth A. Mielechowski, Dickson City; Jason Monteagudo, Mine Hill, NJ;                          
Christina M. Nihen, Scranton; Joshua J. Olivo, Dalton; Kerry L. OMalley-Jaffe, Dickson City; Katie L. Orazi , Dunmore; Meredith J. Osborne, Scranton; Jason J. Palonis, Clarks Summit; Matthew C. Pappas, Scranton; Melissa A. Petrini, Carbondale; Matthew A. Polizzi, Dickson City; Lori A. Potorski, Taylor;                             
Daniel P. Reynolds , Scranton; Gregory T. Scandale, Old Forge; Jason R. Scholz, Olyphant;  James B. Summa, Dunmore; Kerry D. Thomas, Hamlin; Brittany L. Tulaney, Taylor; Matthew K. Vass, Clarks Summit; John P. Ventura, Clarks Summit; Richard J. Walsh, Scranton; and Paul Wardach, Clarks Summit.                     
Associates of Science Human Development and Family Studies
Elizabeth Harris, Factoryville; Dominic M. Nardelli, Greenwood; and Ida Rozenberg, Canadensis.                        
Bachelor of Science Human Development and Family Studies
Sasha M. Ahmed, South Abington; Natassja C. Bates, Hawley; Shawn Booths, Scranton; Vanessa A. Caparo, Moscow; Danielle M. Castaldi, Scranton; Kristy A. Connolly, Moosic; Brian E. Davis, Clarks Summit; Ashley L. Fives, Honesdale;                          
Jamie Gabriel, Forty Fort; Karyn J. Giglia, Browndale; Andrea D. Hadley, Lakewood; Lisa M. Herie, Moosic; Joanna M. Jinks, Dickson City; Kimberly A. Jones, Old Forge;  Isaac G. Kieselowsky, Scranton; Meredith J. Killino, Taylor;                             
Regina M. Kropa, Clarks Summit; Heather A. Luklanchuk, Throop; Megan L. Macdonald, Susquehanna; Eric R. Mina, Hawley;  Brooke L. Minor, Waymart;                            
Katrina E. Mrakovich, Carbondale; Jameson J. Mullisky, Carbondale; Cynthia A. Seaman, Forest City; Roberta L. Seigle, Madison Township; Alexandra A. Trayer, Dickson City; Elizabeth A. Yale, Throop; and Joann Zawadzki, Scranton.                          
Associates in Arts Letters, Arts and Sciences
James R. Baker, Montrose; Mark E. Brickler, Scranton; Dennis R. DiGiambattista, New Milford; Hope M. Fisher, Scranton; Kira Kreysina, Scranton; Brian F. Lennon, Dickson City; Roxanne M. Maroni, Dupont; Sean P. McCormick, Scranton; Danielle Pugliese, Wyoming; and Lisa A. Swawola, Scranton.                          
Bachelor in Arts Letters, Arts and Sciences
Thomas V. Badoud, Lackawaxen; Shannon E. McGowan, Lake Ariel; and                        
Valerie Rybak, Jermyn.                            

College of Engineering

Associate in Engineering Technology Architectural Engineering Technology
Tod E. Glasgow, Clarks Summit; Jared B. Holmes, Sandy Lake; Jonathan E. Howells, Peckville; Jeffrey Kernoschak, Carbondale; and Jessica L. Smith, Carbondale.                        

College of Health and Human Development

Associates in Science Nursing
Betsy L. Albers, Newfoundland; Rehmat Ali, Dunmore; Eleanor M. Bader, Scranton; Crystle S. Baltrusaitis, Scranton; Kevin R. Barthold, Dickson City; Maria M. Calvert, Scranton; Deborah M. Carey, Archbald; Kay M. Denesevich, Avoca;                             
Shannon M. Dougherty, Scranton; Kelly M. Durst, Carbondale; Hottensiah W. Fisichella, Hamlin; Vicki L. Gutenkunst, Hanover Township; Roy W. Harrity Jr., Scranton; Rebecca A. Hock, Clarks Summit; Philip M. Hughes, Scranton;        
Michael T. Ipekdjian, Scranton; Robert J. Kaschak, Greentown; Laurel E. Lemons, Dalton; Andrea L. Lipinski, Scranton; Maria L. Lisowski, Old Forge;                         
Wendy A. Mancuso, Scranton; Joan E. Margitich, Clarks Summit; Alyssa D. McBride, Forest City; Kristy A. McDonnell, Dunmore; Bridget A. McGurrin, Scranton; Janet M. Melvin, Clarks Green; Jeanette J. Morrell, Archbald;                          
Amanda L. Moyer, Meshoppen; Jill M. Mulderig, Scranton; Erminia Muto, Clarks Summit; Kimberly A. Neubauer, Cresco; Nicole Pasternak, Nicholson;                         
Jackie A. Patel, Scranton; Amy L. Peckins, Kingsley; Mary J. Potsko, Hanover Township; Jennifer Richards, Forest City; Sharon L. Rodriguez, Long Pond;                         
Angela M. Ryce, Factoryville; Rhonda F. Sheehan, Eynon; Deborah R. Singer, Hawley; Heather L. Sulz, Scranton; Mary E. Summa, Scranton; Janelle L. Walawender, Sugarloaf; Tracy Whitman, Scranton; Cheryl L. Woods, Honesdale; and Rebekah H. Zeiler, Scranton.                          
Bachelor in Science Nursing
Esther L. Axtell, Olyphant; Diane A. Centurione, Mountain Top; Thalia Cordaro, Scranton; Marjorie Ecker, Scranton; Debra L. Glavich, Moscow; Victoria A. Keeler, Clarks Summit; Kathy H. Kessler, Lakeville; Dawn M. McAllister, Carbondale;                        
Melissa D. Peranich-Stabinski, Scranton; Lisa E. Regan, Old Forge; Shanna R. Sledzinski, Waymart; Laura Spindler, Scranton; Susan E. Stanco, Clarks Summit;                     
Cynthia Stromwall, Old Forge; Rebecca A. Topa, Moscow; and Patricia L. Wagner, Carbondale.                        

School of Information Sciences and Technology

Associates in Sciences Information Sciences and Technology
Ryan W. Geoffroy, Olyphant; David J. Harvey Jr., Tunkhannock; Brooke L. Jones, Lake Ariel; Norbert R. Jurkiewicz, Scranton; Dean R. Olver, Waymart; Mark D. Smerdon Jr., Moosic; Massoumeh Tossi, Clarks Summit; and Sean M. Wetzel, Scranton.                          
Bachelor of Science Information Sciences and Technology
Mario V. Scotti, Avoca; John L. Bedell III, Meshoppen; Stephanie M. Belek, Archbald; Darryl C. Bickauskas, Archbald; John D. Campbell, Factoryville;                      
Hadyn J. Cotton, Tafton; Keith M. Douglas, Honesdale; William L. Kerber, Clarks Summit; Frank A. Kincel Jr., Scranton; Thomas C. Loresch, Tobyhanna;                         
David J. Lutz, Dunmore; Joseph D. Marcavage, Dunmore; Brett L. Martin, Binghamton; Brendan McDevitt, Lake Ariel; Ryan N. Moskalczak, Scranton;                          
Raymond Nieves, Lake Ariel; Joseph M. Pettit, Lake Ariel; Mario D. Robinson Jr., Scranton; Jason W. Setzer, Endicott, NY; and Douglas J. Wilmot, Nicholson.                         

College of Education

Bachelor of Science Elementary and Kindergarten Education
Danielle M. Runco, Throop.