Orientation 2007

Orientation 2007 "Viva La Fiesta" at Penn State Worthington Scranton

Orientation 2007 "Viva La Fiesta" and Convocation for new students attending Penn State Worthington Scranton will be held throughout the day on Friday, August 24. Registration and a "meet & greet" breakfast will begin at 7:45 am in the Study Learning Center.

Welcoming new students at an academic convocation at 9 am will be Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D., chancellor; Michael Mahalik, Ph.D., director of academic affairs; John Baildon, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics; and Student Government Association officers Lawrence Gaik, president, and Jason Chilipko, vice president.

The convocation will be followed by an interactive presentation for students entitled "The Ultimate Road Trip - Campus 2 Career" that will address the transition from college to career.

From 11 am - noon, students will divide into small groups for icebreakers and campus exploration with returning students who are members of the 2007-2008 Leadership Team. Team members include Jan Ang, Bob Armstrong, Dustin Bowen, Melissa Cardone, Danielle Cebulko, Nichole Cebulko, Jason Chilipko, Corey Chorba, Cara DeSanto, Juan Fernandez, Katie Flynn, Stephanie Franceschelli, Lawrence Gaik, Donald Granza, Miranda Lazar, Stacy Lindsey, Greg Moran, David Morrison, Joey Pappas, Mallory Pencek, Lauren Phillips, Amanda Pierre, Frank Rizzo, Angelo Talarico, and Chris Wagner.

Lunch will be served on the Study Learning Center patio from noon to 1 pm. After lunch, new students will attend College meetings during which time they will review requirements for their major, information on services available and learn about career outlooks for their program of study.

Afternoon programs will include an Information Technology (IT) presentation given by Marilee Mulvey, director of IT, and a faculty presentation/slideshow by Fred Aebli, instructor of Information Science & Technology. The IT program will include an overview of student rights and responsibilities as well as information about elion, e-mail, and other resources. Mr. Aebli's talk will include a brief slideshow of the day's activities featuring photos of the new students and student Leadership Team members taken during orientation. Closing remarks will be given at 3 pm.

Fall classes for new and returning students at Penn State Worthington Scranton will begin on Monday, August 27.