Students, Faculty and Staff Encouraged To Utilize Text Messaging Alerts

Penn State University and Penn State Worthington Scranton offer an alert system: PSUTXT Text Messaging Alert as a communication tool for getting out emergency campus and university information.

The emergency campus information will include "snow alerts", as well as any other situation that the campus administration deems necessary.

To sign up for this service and receive alert information on your cellular telephone, you will need to register at:  

Scroll down to the blue-shaded area and click on the PSUTXT REGISTER, set-up your personal information, and choose the campus(es) you want to be notified of, when an emergency alert is issued.  (There is a default for University Park already checked.

If you don't want University Park notices, click on the associated box, and then click on Worthington Scranton and/or other campuses.) 

Please note that the subject line for Worthington Scranton alerts will read:  PSUWS ALERT  The information will then follow.   NOTE:  The university does not charge for this service, HOWEVER please check with your cell phone provider on text messaging charges/fees.  You may be charged a nominal fee by your carrier to receive this message.

Please note that the campus offers several other methods of communicating emergency campus information, such as snow delays, cancellations or closings, in the following manner:

Campus Website on our home page at:
Class Cancellations listing at:
Snow Information Telephone number at:  963-2766
Various television and radio stations