SGA Presidents Reunite For Leadership Event

On November 6, Penn State Worthington Scranton welcomed back some very special guests for an Alumni Leadership Dinner that was part of the campus's year-long observance of its 40th anniversary.

Former Student Government Association presidents, including Joseph Kowalski, '69, the first  president of the Worthington Scranton Student Government Association, returned to the campus to talk about how serving in leadership roles while at Worthington Scranton impacted their lives.

Kowalski urged the students and alumni in attendance to "learn, earn and return", meaning that as they finish their studies and begin to make their way in the world, establishing careers and building lives, that they remember to give back.

The Class of 1969 was the first class to graduate from Worthington Scranton, which was established at its current location in 1968, with construction of the Dawson Building.  Kowalski recalled how at that time, there was only the Dawson Building, and their class was very small.

Today, Worthington Scranton has eight buildings, with another slated to open in Spring, 2009, has over 1,300 students, offers seven Baccalaureate degrees, six Associate degrees and the first two years of 160 Penn State majors. There are also 18 active student clubs and a variety of women's and men's sporting teams, including cross country, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading.

In addition to Mr. Kowalski, other SGA presidents in attendance included Patrick Abdalla, '00-'01; Jonathan Bossick, '05-'06; Gina Butler, '82-'83; Margo Cookson, '04-'05; Jamie Stark Davis, '94-'95; Dr. Darlene Dunay, '76-'77; Guido Piccolino, '93-'94; Anthony Portanova, '01-'02; Jon Tabatabaie, '97; and Tim VanDoren, '03-'04.

They were joined by former alumni, current student leaders and campus officials.

The evening concluded with remarks by Jason "Chip" Chilipko, SGA president, who talked about his recent experiences of serving in a student leadership role and how serving as president of SGA has impacted him and his college experience.

In photo above, seated, left to right, are: Maria Russoniello, Director of Development; Joe Kowalski, guest speaker and SGA President, Class of 1969; and Dr. Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, chancellor. Standing, left to right, Lisa Hatton, SGA Treasurer; Jason "Chip" Chilipko, SGA president; and Lou Ingargiola, Penn State Worthington Scranton Alumni Society president.