Campus Web Team Named A University Continuous Quality Improvement Team

Penn State Worthington Scranton's Web Team was recently named a university Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) team by Penn State's Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment.

Penn State Worthington Scranton's Web Team was one of 59 teams with 509 members that were honored at this year's Quality Issues Forum. The forum is held each year to honor the work of improvement and innovation teams throughout the Penn State system.

Worthington Scranton was one of nine Penn State campuses to have a team recognized.

The Quality Issues Forum speaker, Executive Vice President and Provost Rodney Erickson, spoke about the importance of continuous quality improvement in Penn State's new strategic plan, "Priorities for Excellence."

At a time of rising costs, declining public financial support and increasing student expectations, strategic planning and continuous quality improvement are vital in moving Penn State forward, Provost Erickson said.

Worthington Scranton's web team consists of staff members from each campus department who are responsible for making website changes and revisions for their respective areas, as well as working cooperatively with the entire team to improve and enhance the campus' home page.

Since the team was formed, they have been responsible for improving navigation on the home page; instituting monthly themes on the home page that help promote campus programs and events; and coordinating web page content and graphics with campus marketing to provide a consistent message.

The team meets regularly throughout the year and is comprised of: Marilee Mulvey, director of information technology; Kim Bogdan, finance director; Allison Burns, registrar; Sandy Feather, associate director of enrollment management; Amy Gruzesky, coordinator of communications and community relations; Mary Lance, academic affairs staff assistant; Audra McCloe, student services staff assistant; Nanci Purcell, assistant director of student services and programs; and Sandra Weaver, continuing education staff assistant.

Penn State University has a commitment to continuous quality improvement, creating an environment in which everyone takes ownership of improving the educational arena and placing a high value on teamwork, collaboration and communication.

The CQI initiative is built on strong leadership that articulates a vision and inspires a lasting commitment; the hallmarks of client focus, studying work processes and information-based decision making; teamwork and team decision making that lead to quality improvements; strategic planning and assessment goals; and the opportunity to learn about CQI through educational programs and networking.

Since 1991, when CQI was formalized at Penn State, the work of continuous quality improvement teams has resulted in better service, increased quality, streamlined processes, and greater costs savings.