A Paranormal Happening at Penn State Worthington Scranton

He's baaaa-aaaack!


Ryan Buell, star of the hit cable television show, Paranormal State, will return to Penn State Worthington Scranton on Friday, Oct. 22.  And this time, he'll be sharing the spotlight with famed medium, Lorraine Warren.


Buell and several of his castmates and fellow members of the Penn State Paranormal Society that he founded, appeared at Penn State Worthington Scranton last fall to a crowd of over 700 people.  The event was held as a fundraiser for Penn State's annual dance marathon - THON - which benefits Penn State's Four Diamonds Fund and children suffering from cancer.


This year's event is also going to be a THON fundraiser, and with the addition of Warren to the roster, organizers hope to have an even bigger crowd than last year.


Buell is best known for his work with the Penn State Paranormal Society and the hit show that follows him and his castmates around the country investigating paranormal events and occurrences.  He recently published a book about his experiences, "My Journey Into the Unknown" which can be purchased with tickets for this event.

Ms. Warren and her late husband Ed, founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952 and later opened the Occult Museum. They have written numerous books about the paranormal and their investigations into various hauntings. They were among the first investigators in the now infamous Amityville house haunting in Amityville, NY, which was the basis for the movie, "Amityville Horror."

The Paranormal State Speaking Tour featuring Buell and Warren will be held in the campus' Multi-Purpose Building Friday, Oct. 22,  from 7 to 10 p.m.


The event is free to all Penn State Worthington Scranton students and $10 for other Penn State students. General admission alone is $25; and admission and a copy of Buell's new book, "My Journey Into the Unknown" is $40.


Tickets are available by calling 570-963-2700 or visiting http://psryanlorraine.eventbrite.com.


This event is presented by the Penn State Worthington Scranton Paranormal Society and the PSWS Student Government Association.  All proceeds benefit THON.