PSWS students rally for local animal shelter

Penn State Worthington Scranton's Community Service Club is conducting two fundraisers to benefit the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township.


The shelter has garnered much attention in recent months due to the fact that cuts in local and state funding, as well as grant money it receives, along with an increase in the number of animals being surrendered to the shelter, have resulted in dire financial straits for the non-profit organization.


After hearing the news, students in the Community Service Club were spurred to action and decided to try to do something to help the shelter.


"We would like to see the shelter continue to be able to help animals in need," said club member and fundraiser organizer Heather Conrad. The group brainstormed ideas and came up with two-tiered idea.

Love the Furry Friends is the idea they came up with. Members of the club have set up bins around campus to collect items the shelter needs, as well as monetary donations.


Members are urging students, staff and faculty to donate whatever they can to help the shelter out. People wanting to help can donate either wish list items or food, Ms. Conrad said.


The second part of the effort is the "Puppy Love" bake sale, featuring the sale of homemade dog biscuits that club members are selling. All proceeds from the sale of the dog biscuits will also go to the shelter.


"Our goal is to collect a minimum of 100 pounds each of cat litter, cat food, and dog food," Ms. Conrad said.  They also hope to raise at least $100 in cash for the shelter by March 31. Club members will then deliver the items to the shelter.


Anyone interested in making a donation, purchasing the Puppy Love dog biscuits or helping the Community Service Club in its efforts can call Ms. Conrad at 570-854-6644 or email her at [email protected].  Put Puppy Love or Love the Furry Friends in the subject line.