Worthington Scranton Welcomes 205 New Alumni

Penn State Worthington Scranton held its 43rd Commencement on Friday, May 13 during a ceremony in the school's Multi-Purpose Building. 

Penn State Worthington Scranton Chancellor Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D., presided, and Terry Pegula, a PSU and Worthington Scranton alumnus, and founder of East Resources Inc., as well as owner of the Buffalo Sabres, delivered the commencement address. 

Penn State Worthington Scranton granted baccalaureate degrees in American Studies; Business;  Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; Nursing; and Telecommunications.

Associate degrees were awarded in:  Building Engineering Technology; Business Administration; Electrical Engineering Technology; Human Development and Family Studies; Letters, Arts and Sciences; and Nursing.

Several students graduated with honors of distinction.  Graduating with highest distinction were: David C. Balko, Dalton; Roberta Burge, Scott Township; Megan Fuhr, Throop; Jennifer C. Jurbala, Dickson City; Andrea L. Karwaski, Scranton; and Marvin R. Serrano, West Hazleton.

Graduating with high distinction were: Cory L. Cantarella, Scranton; Joseph T. Krisanda, Moscow ; Cynthia D. Maritato, Honesdale; Erika A. Mills, Susquehanna; Christina Rogato, Moscow; and Jacklyn S. Smith, Forest City.

Students graduating with distinction were: Stacey L. Baress, Scranton; Samantha L. Cummings, Waymart; Danielle E. Dunmire, Throop; Rachael A. Mazza, Archbald; Shawn S. McDonough, Scranton; Alexander W. Olivetti, Throop; Andrea M. Summa, Scranton; Robin J. Tyborowski, Clifford Township; James M. Wescott II, Dalton; Walter J. Zarenko, Jr., Scranton; and Lynne J. Ziegelbauer, Scranton.

"Today is a very happy and proud occasion, here at Penn State Worthington Scranton," said Dr. Krogh-Jespersen.  "We congratulate our graduating students on all of their accomplishments and hard work and wish them the very best as they leave our campus to pursue their futures. They should be confident as they leave our campus today, as they have been provided all the tools and knowledge they need to meet the challenges that await them."

This year's commencement speaker, Terry Pegula, was introduced by Dr. Krogh-Jespersen. He offered the students his secret to success and told them that if they wanted to be successful, they needed to do three things: do what they love; work hard; and never ask someone to do something they themselves wouldn't do.

Kathy Zielinski, president of the Penn State Worthington Scranton Alumni Society offered the alumni charge to the university's newest alumni.

The following Penn State Worthington Scranton 2010 graduates, by Penn State College and degree earned are:

Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies:  Roberta Burge, Scott Township; James R. Halbert, Lake Ariel; Amanda D. Kretchmer, Shavertown; Joseph R. Moss, Scranton; Michael A. Palushock, Weston; Nicholas W. Robinson, Dunmore; and Jason M. Sheridan, Dunmore.


Associate in Science in Business Administration:  Stephanie J. Bunk, Archbald; Corey H. Butler, Hop Bottom; and Danielle N. Dambrosio, Gouldsboro.


Bachelor of Science, Business:  Andrew J. Baldan, Mayfield; Lauren A. Belko, Old Forge; Jason Bellman, Lake Ariel; Edward J. Boczar, Scranton; Benjamin M. Bolus, Clarks Summit; Kristin M. Bonaddio, Covington Township, Mark R. Calore, Hanover Township; Heather M. Clark, Lackawaxen; Daniel T. Colan III, Scranton; Amanda M. Deecke, Carbondale; Kelsey L. Fisch, Scranton; Amanda Fumanti, Waymart; Kevin J. Gardner, Lake Ariel; Christopher F. Giovagnoli, Archbald; Andrew J. Harris, Dalton; Jeffrey Herie, Moosic; Carrie A. Hodovanec, Throop; Danielle R. Jackson, Jermyn; Elissa R. Jackson, Jermyn; Sara J. Jugan, Dickson City;

Jennifer C. Jurbala, Dickson City; Ashley N. Keller,  Clarks Summit; Lauren Knight, Gouldsboro;

Adam A. Korinchock, Hazle Township; Ashley L. Kovalik,  Moosic; Evan Kraky, Scott Township; Brenton A. Ledoux, Tobyhanna; Amanda C. Lutchko, Carbondale; Rosario J. Marchese, Dickson City; Nathan D. Mayne, Eynon; Mercedes J. McCracken, Dingmans Ferry;

Sean M. McAndrew, Scranton; Kevin D. McDonald, Moscow; Christopher J. McDonough, Scranton; Patrick J. McMynne, Dunmore; Edward T. Meade, Jefferson Township; Lindsey M. Mellow, Jessup; Michael P. Mera, Scranton; Joseph A. Mordente, Dunmore; Corey M. Muldoon, Tannersville; Cynthia J. Parker, Dunmore; Vito J. Picozzo, Covington Township; Jill E. Place, Elmhurst Township; Ashley A. Puthorosky, Olyphant; Nathan A. Richardson, Vandling; William J. Rizzo, Lake Ariel; Christina Rogato, Moscow; Robert J. Rudzinski, Clarks Summit; Steven E. Sallurday, Scranton; Peter P. Sandy, Moosic; Thomas J. Sanok, Clarks Summit; Maureen Tierney Snell, Archbald; Sean D. Thorpe, Dunmore; Matthew J. Walker, Scranton; James M. Wescott II, Dalton; Christopher A. Yazinski, Olyphant; Walter J. Zarenko Jr., Scranton; and  Lynne J. Ziegelbauer, Scranton.


Associate in Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Heather J. Brayya, Simpson;

Jessica B. Hiller, Scranton; Kelliann T. Lynch, Greentown; Eddy E. Santana, Hazleton; and Marisa F. Sledzinski, Lake Ariel.


Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Dana B. Brush, Scranton;

Tara M. Cimini, Scranton; Samantha L. Cummings, Waymart; Danielle E. Dunmire, Throop; Leslie K. Fluette, Clarks Summit; Stephanie A. Gatto, Scranton; Kristin A. Lemoncelli, Archbald; Rachael A. Mazza, Archbald; Ashlynd C. McHale, Dunmore; Erika A. Mills, Susquehanna; Jessica C. Mumford, Mayfield; Caitlin H. Silsby, Hawley; Brandi M. Smith, Madison Township; Andrea M. Summa, Scranton; Habiba Tajak, Scranton; Stephanie N. Taylor, Peckville; Danielle E. Teeple, Carbondale; Ashley M. Tucker, Avoca; Sara F. Van Leuven, Vandling; Ashley L. Walsh, Olyphant; Dana A. Weissman, Pocono Summit; and Fawn C. Young, Matamoras.


Associate in Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:   Ashley A. Beichler, Dalton; Marissa A. Miske, Moosic; and Joseph J. Pulman, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:  Cindel A. Allen, Gouldsboro; Carolyn M. Delisi, Chalfont; Andrea L. Karwaski, Scranton; Amanda L. Klimasiewfski, West Pittston;

James H. Kochmer, Clarks Summit; Shawn S. McDonough, Scranton; Patrick L. Nappi, Scranton; Harold E. Smith III, Scranton; Justyna M. Thomas, Honesdale; and Shawn M. Thomas, Scranton.


Associate in Engineering, Technology Building Engineering Technology:  David C. Balko, Dalton; Emily Balon, Dickson City; Christopher J. Dobitsch II, Sterling; and Taryn N. Gilvey, Archbald.


Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology:  Cory L. Cantarella, Scranton; Jonathan R. Chorba, Archbald; Stacy L. Connor, Clifford; Daniel P. Elliott, Saylorsburg; Ashley L. Faraday, Clarks Summit; Bradley T. Flower, Meshoppen; Stephanie R. Franceschelli, Old Forge; Megan Fuhr, Throop; Daniel J. Guzek, Clarks Summit; Michael S. Hunter Jr., Madison Township; Paul J. Kenosky, Springbrook; Karli A. Kordish, Jessup; Joseph T. Krisanda, Moscow; Christopher R. Kulick, Spring Brook Township; Ernest J. Lennox, Scranton; Matthew T. Malone, Olyphant; Alexander W. Olivetti, Throop; Christopher Schultz, Peckville; and Marvin R. Serrano, West Hazleton.


Associate in Science, Nursing:  Stacey L. Baress, Scranton; Jennifer M. Beattie, Honesdale; Nicole Beilman, Scranton; Amy J. Berry, Scranton; Carissa A. Binner, Olyphant; Ashley L. Bortel,             Dunmore; Jennifer E. Bushey, Matamoras; Kayle Chesek, Peckville; Susan A. Chiochio, Scranton; Kelly B. Cooney, Scranton; Lauren E. Dame, Archbald; Leslie M. Decker, Newfoundland; Jessica A. Diaz, Milford; Kelly A. Dovin, Forest City; Marquita I. Feldman, Hawley; Larissa M. Fernandes, Scranton; Nicole A. Franceschelli, Avoca; Matthew J. Galchefski, Larksville; Jessica A. Geis, Dingmans Ferry; Leah Gohsler, Dunmore; Daniel Harmuth, Lake Ariel; Charles L. Harris, Scranton; Angela M. Henning, Kelayres; Kelsie E. Judd, Milford; Melanie C. Keating,    Dunmore; Justin J. King, Scott Township; Maureen M. King, Dunmore; Kevin P. Kolodgie, Moosic; Nicole M. Koytek, Dupont; Bobbie Jo Lenahan, Falls;

Cynthia D. Maritato, Honesdale; Maureen Meredick, Scranton; Kelly A. Moore, Dickson City; Michele Moskalczyk, Throop; Danielle A. Ogden, Dunmore; Prachi N. Patel, Scranton; Cieara L. Payne, Kingsley; Jonathan J. Runco, Throop; Christina Rutkosky, Scranton; Lauren E. Sallurday, Scranton; John F. Sharp, Dupont; Casandra E. Sheehan, Scranton; Jessica A. Sheridan, Dalton; Mary J. Shillabeer, Falls; Nicole M. Simmons, Olyphant; Danielle Smith, Peckville; Jacklyn S. Smith, Forest City; Pamela A. Snopek, Archbald; Michael A. Stelma, Olyphant; Nicole Stombaugh, Olyphant; Diane Trager, Scranton; Robin J. Tyborowski, Clifford Township; Amber A. Vanchieri, Taylor; Bianca Warner, Scranton; Jacalyn L. Wellicka, Moscow; and Jenna Whittington, Carbondale.


Bachelor of Science, Nursing:  Laurie A. Blasi, Pittston; Yvette J. Collins, Clarks Summit; Carol M. Franklin, Moosic; Gina M. Gentile, Mayfield; Vicki L. Gutenkunst, Hanover Township; Philip M. Hughes, Scranton; Mary C. McGeer, Wilkes Barre; Jill M. Mulderig, Scranton; Ann M. Pepson, Jermyn; Mary Regina Perry, Dunmore; Kochey Roshan, Scott Township; Randy S. Sashko, Archbald; Rhonda F. Sheehan, Eynon; Kimberly E. Simmel, Clarks Summit; Allison M. Stone, Tunkhannock; and James C. Wyatt, Wyoming.


Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications:  Jason P. Chilipko, Old Forge.


Associate in Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology:  Michael L. Bzdick, Blakely.