Matt Roloff, star of Little People, Big World to speak at Worthington Scranton

Matt Roloff is probably best known for the hit TV series Little People, Big World, on Discovery/The Learning Channel, which shows his family's extraordinary life in Oregon to tens of millions of viewers worldwide. 

Mr. Roloff's life experiences as a person born with dwarfism, have led to appearances on Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, The Bonny Hunt Show, and the Rachel Ray Show. He has been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, People Magazine and countless other media outlets.

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Mr. Roloff will speak at Penn State Worthington Scanton. His presentation begins at 7 p.m. in the Study Learning Center's Sherbine Lounge. It is a free event and open to the public.

In addition to his TV series, Mr. Roloff has had a successful 25-year career in high-tech sales, product development, and service. He was a top performer for companies such as National Semiconductor, Altos Computer Systems, Sequent Systems, and AMDOCS. With his natural people skills, he also became a mentor, trainer, and adviser to colleagues in his field. Away from this work, Mr. Roloff also made time to build a profitable farm that is well known in his hometown area for crops of peaches and pumpkins.

He is also the author of two books. His autobiography Against Tall Odds chronicles his business successes and challenges as a little person. Little Family, Big Values is an inspirational look at his life and family. Matt has spoken to hundreds of audiences, motivating individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Clients have ranged from Tyson Foods and Wal-Mart to Indiana University and the South Dakota Governor's Conference

A past president of Little People of America, the national advocacy organization for people with dwarfism, he co-founded and serves as the president of the Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy, a non-profit organization that advocates for individuals with short stature in areas such as medicine, vocation, education, adoption, and public accommodations. He has also embarked on several international humanitarian tours and trips to support American troops overseas

Mr. Roloff's most inspiring success has been to overcome the challenges imposed on him by diastrophic dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. Even while undergoing countless surgeries as a child, Matt showed a remarkable level of resiliency and zest for life. It seemed that the more times he was told that he couldn't do something, the more committed he was to meet that challenge.

As a man of merely four feet in height and requiring crutches to get around, the word disability rarely comes up. He ignores limitations and always thinks big. His philosophy has always been: "I may not be able to take the traditional avenues to reach goals, but with persistence and creativity I'll find a way to succeed."

His belief about our ability to "find a way" underlies every story and lesson learned that Matt shares with family, friends, youth, business associates and audiences. Now it's at the heart of his new passion of motivational speaking. Matt is thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire others with a call to action so they start working toward their dreams.

A devoted husband to his wife, Amy and father of children, Jeremy, Molly, Zachary, and Jacob, Matt's family, faith, and sense of purpose are at the center of his life.