Dr. Russell Casey published in Business Case Journal

Dr. Russell Casey, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Penn State Worthington Scranton, has co-authored a peer-reviewed paper titled, Career Crossroads at the Top, in the acclaimed Business Case Journal.

One of Dr. Casey's specializations is case research and this paper, written with colleagues, Dr. George Whaley, full professor, and Keith Perry, of San Jose State University, applied theoretical concepts to the career of Mark Betters, who joined software company 3XTech as a junior programmer in 1971 and remained there for three decades, serving in various managerial/executive capacities, before hitting a major career crossroads in 2001.

Dr. Casey believes that theory is important in the learning process, but when teaching his students, he wants them to also apply these theories. He found that students enjoy learning from real-world situations, and this is how he began case writing.

"This paper will hopefully be utilized as a case study in management/human resources courses at colleges and universities," he said. "The goal of this research is to focus the students on examining a real person's successful climb to CEO, and then applying different modalities to better understand the theories/concepts of management and human resources."

The Business Case Journal was established by the Society for Case Research to publish cases and research related to case writing or teaching with cases. It is the Society's top, peer-reviewed journal publication.

Dr. Casey has taught at Penn State Worthington Scranton since 2007.  He earned his MBA at Delaware State University and has a doctorate in business administration with a double concentration in management and marketing from Nova Southeastern University.

He is currently working on empirical research papers in branding, specifically organic food branding, and ethnic brand marketing. He plans to conduct a study in the near future on social media, focusing on branding.  He lives in Lake Ariel.