Penn State Worthington Scranton Awards 159 Scholarships

Penn State Worthington Scranton honored its scholarship donors, and recognized the students who received those scholarships on October 4 at a special evening reception at St. Mary's Center, Scranton.


The annual reception is a Penn State Worthington Scranton tradition, which allows donors the opportunity to personally award their scholarship to the recipient(s) and meet the students and their families.


"I'd like to thank our donors, who make these campus scholarships possible, and congratulate our students here tonight who are the recipients of these scholarships, said Dr. Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, PSWS chancellor.


She also recognized the accomplishments of the students. "You have all worked very hard and made many sacrifices to build a better future for yourselves, and I am delighted that you have chosen Penn State Worthington Scranton as the place to begin the next phase of the journey that will shape your future."


Donors and recipients were formally acknowledged during the evening's festivities by Maria Russoniello, director of development at Penn State Worthington Scranton, and Paul Perrone, campus scholarship committee chair and an instructor of English at PSWS.


Scholarships at the campus come from a variety of funding sources, which include private, corporate, and University-sponsored scholarships. Below are the scholarships that were awarded and their recipients.


Scholarships in Perpetuity


John and Patricia Atkins Scholarship: Jacqueline Cook.


Herbert T. Axford Memorial Scholarship: Keri Rogatis and Amanda Smith.


Sharon Baldassari Kornfeld Memorial Scholarship: Elisabeth Cohen.


Margaret Briggs Memorial Scholarship:  Kaylee Banfield, Omar Fernandes, and Earl Sohns.


Violet and Richard Byron Scholarship:  Richard Rogalewicz.


CINRAM Scholarship:  Thipphachanh Phommachanh


Alfred P. (Fred) Ciotti Memorial Scholarship:  Bethany Grace and Adam Martin.


Janet A. Cottone Memorial Scholarship in Nursing: Megan Davis, Amber Gurke, Allison Macias, Allison Miller, Richard Rogalewicz and Bonita Urzen, Jessup.


Harry Dickstein Memorial Scholarship:  Timothy Granata and Mitchell McDonnell.


David M. and Aleen F. Epstein Scholarship:  Kyle Walsh.


Eureka Scholarship:  Katherine Liotta and Angeline Wauran.


James D. and Margaret S. Gallagher Honors Scholarship:  Ian Kopack.


James P. and Catherine M. Gilligan Memorial Scholarship:  Brian Hughes, Ashley Kocher, and George Yakubinsin.


Greater Scranton Jaycees Scholarship:  Marissa Conway.


Greater Scranton Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association:  Davendra Chatterpaul, Kasey Flyte, and Jesse Lick.


Hahnemann/Community Medical Center Nursing Alumni Trustee Scholarship:  Ashley Bortel, Lauren Reddon, and D. Laurie Siclari.


Elmer and Louise Hawk College Assistance Grants:  Tyler Richter.


Marie D. and John T. Howe Memorial Scholarship:  Kathryn Lescinski.


Frank and Jean Hubbard Scholarship:  Amanda Cardillo, Patrick Garvey, Danielle Kubelus, Thomas Kubelus, Alexandra Paradise, Rachel Sposito, and Elizabeth Zawicki.


Grace Keen Scholarship:  D. Laurie Siclari.


Keystone Sanitary Landfill Scholarship:  Bryan Holod, Jeffrey Kline, and Rebecca Nagurney.


Anita and George Lesho Scholarship:  Craig Tallarico.


Anne E. Lohmann Memorial Scholarship:  Alison Eroh and Meghan Srour.


Albert J. and Catherine Magnotta Memorial Scholarship:  Patrick Garvey and Marc Rogato.


Lester and Helen Male Memorial Scholarship:  Heidi Yanoski.


Dorothy Schnerr Minelli Memorial Scholarship:  Bryan Burns.


Gino and Jean Cavalieri Mori Scholarship:  Diana Kloss.


Primo and Vittoria Ciuferri Mori/Paul Robeson Memorial Scholarship:  Rachael Okafor.


Eugene C. (Jake) Mullen Memorial Scholarship:  Courtney McDonald.


Jacquelyn Nichols Memorial Scholarship:  Tyler Patchoski.


Winifred and Gerald Payne Memorial Scholarship:  Issac Dean.


The Rice-Butler Family Scholarship:  Connor Moffitt.


Joan B. and Clayton A. Richmond Memorial Scholarship:  Bhavin Patel.


Nicholas and Diane Scandale Scholarship:  Scott Cowan.


Schautz Family Scholarship:  John McVeigh, Gary Palmasani, and Diana Stude.


Scranton Chapter of UNICO:  Marc Rogato.


The Times-Shamrock Scholarship:  David Haas.


James T. Skibinski Memorial Scholarship:  Meet Parikh.


William S. (Billy) Soose Scholarship:  Francesca Rizzo.


Betty and Armond Strutin Memorial Scholarship:  Sarah Snyder and Mark Walter.


Christopher Sturchio Memorial Scholarship:  Amanda Gower.


Warren and Agnes Thomas Memorial Scholarship:  Meghan Srour.


Thomson Scholarship:  Vincent DiNoto.


David and Joyce Mack Tressler Scholarship:  Kyle Pangonis.


United Gilsonite Laboratories Scholarship:  Rachel Ameigh and Emily Enkulenko.


Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship:  Michael Bohenek.


Wayne-Pike Penn State Chapter Scholarship:  Jonathan Connelly and Timothy Granata.


Dr. Stephen J. and Essie Weissberger Scholarship in Memory of Harry and Leah Weissberger and Sam and Irene Zilenchick:  John Argonish.


H. Leigh Woehling Memorial Scholarship:  Christine Byrd.


WFWB Trustee Scholarship:  Joanne Huddy and Lynn Salvati.


Worthington Scranton Alumni Society Scholarship:  Andrew Salva.


Worthington Scranton Lion Ambassadors Scholarship:  Krishna Patel.


Joseph, Sr. and Catherine Zaydon Memorial Scholarship with their children, Dr. Joseph, Jemille and John:  Megan Dailey, Allison Macias, and Colin Striefsky.


Edna and Thomas F. Zenty Trustee Scholarship:  Toni Marie Slack-Miller.


Penn State Worthington Scranton Annual Named Scholarships


Al and Patti Cappelloni Scholarship:  Kirsten Stevens.


The Darlene Ann Dunay Annual Scholarship:  Katherine DiBello.


Albert, Sr. and Mary Alunni Fagnani Annual Memorial Scholarship/Stanley and Mary Sislo Annual Memorial Scholarship:  Shane Gallis, Christopher Krouchick, Kelsey Stewart, and Marlynn Wauran.


M&T Bank Scholarship:  David Ecker.


The Mary Lee Fitzgerald Scholarship:  Levi Schmidt.


The Kato Family Scholarship:  Tia Bird and Shan Mohamed.


Eugene W. and Bonnie Long Annual Scholarship for Veterans:  Christopher Hunt.


James and Margaret Rizzo Memorial Scholarship:  Nicholas Joseph.


Charles A. and Lola D. Sileo Memorial Scholarship:  Devin McGregor.


The Sheridan Family Scholarship:  Anna Mason and Shannon Thomas.


Sorgi Family Scholarship:  Nathanial Carter.


James W. and Noel M. Thomas Family Scholarship:  Jerome Palauskas.


Other gifts in support of scholarships


Ray Alberigi Scholarship:  Nico Fargione.


Louis J. Borini Memorial Scholarship: Anthony Possanza.

The Blue and White Society Scholarship:  Victoria Pettinato.


Century Club of Scranton Nursing Scholarship:  Jordyn Kelly.


2012 Class Gift Scholarship:  Rachel Ameigh.


Dunmore Lions Club Scholarship:  Theresa McAndrew and George Yakubinsin.


The Gelb Foundation Scholarship:  Mollie Fenwick.


Keith Grover Memorial Scholarship:  Greg Leister.


Kerber Family Scholarship in memory:  Anthony Possanza.


Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Scholarship:  Paul Propert.


Jack Jones Memorial Scholarship:  Alison Eroh.


Erich Kurash Memorial Scholarship:  Ashley Krajewski.


Jaclyn Mazur Memorial Scholarship:  April Staretz.


Women in IST Scholarship:  Alicia Ceccacci.


Worthington Scranton Jazz Band/Chorale Scholarship:  Derek Batz and Angela Capone.


Barnes & Noble Presidential Scholarship:  Jorge Bonilla, Scott Cowan, Ethan Lawrence, and Evan Wylam.


Internal Commonwealth Scholarship:  Michael Bohenek, Jorge Bonilla, Deanna Brown, Zachary Carling, Davendra Chatterpaul, Marissa Conway, Jonathan Connelly, Jeffrey Curran, Mollie Fenwick, Kasey Flyte, Ian Kopack, Ethan Lawrence, Kathryn Lescinski, Jesse Lick, Shan Mohamed, Gary Palmasani, Meet Parikh, Levi Schmidt, Mark Walter. and Evan Wylam.


Bayard D. and Ethel M. Kunkle Scholarship:  Akhmet Ashimou, Amanda Gower, Sarah Hammond, Brittany Krukowski, and Sara Puksta.


Penn State Alumni Association Trustee Scholarship for Worthington Scranton:  Nevin Balliet and Marianna Suslin.


Penn State Worthington Scranton Scholarship:  Heather Konrad, Mitchell McDonnell, Ali Mirzaaghakhan, and Meet Parikh.


Penn State Worthington Scranton Trustee Scholarship:  Katherine Liotta and Amy Smith.