Campus alumnus speaks to business and engineering students during visit

Students in the business, engineering and marketing degree programs at Penn State Worthington Scranton had a unique opportunity to gain industry knowledge and insight, as well as networking experience, when campus and University alumnus Robert Beard visited the campus to speak about his college, professional, and life experiences.


Mr. Beard, a native of Carbondale, is president and CEO of UGI Utilities and also serves as a member of the Utilities' board of directors.  During his time at UGI Utilities, Bob also served as Vice President - Southern Region and Vice President - Marketing, Rates and Supply.


He joined UGI through the acquisition of PPL Gas Utilities in October, 2008. While at PPL, Mr. Beard held a number of senior leadership positions and was Vice President - Operations and Engineering at the time of the acquisition.


He is an active member of the American Gas Association and is a member of the board of directors of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania.


Mr. Beard holds a bachelor's degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and a master's degree in management from the Pennsylvania State University.


His appearance at Penn State Worthington Scranton was part of the campus' Career and Company Showcase series, in which successful campus alumni meet with students to talk about their companies and industries, while also sharing their personal college and work experiences with students, giving them invaluable information on important career skills such as interviewing, networking, and job skills and performance.