Dr. Philip Mosley headed to Belgium to serve as a visiting scholar

Dr. Philip Mosley, professor of English and comparative literature has been awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship by the European Union to participate in its international Doc Nomads course for graduate film students.

Dr. Mosley will be a visiting scholar in Brussels, Belgium, at the Sint-Lukas campus of the Luca School of Arts in November-December 2013, where he will be involved in team teaching an intensive seminar on Belgian cinema, supervising individual students' essays, and doing his own film studies research.

"This scholarship will permit me to work briefly with graduate students from across the European Union, who have undertaken an exciting academic journey, that of the Doc Nomads program, taking them to three different countries over three semesters," Dr. Mosley said.

"As I will be teaching an intensive seminar on Belgian cinema and identity, I will be able to introduce elements of my new book on the cinema of the award-winning Dardenne brothers from southern Belgium," he further explained. "My previous stay in Belgium, as a Fulbright professor in 2003-04, was at a French-speaking university, so I'm excited to have an opportunity this time around to experience the Flemish (Dutch-speaking) higher educational system."

Dr. Mosley will be teaching an intensive three-day seminar on Belgian cinema and identity, to be held in a state-of-the-art auditorium at the Film Museum of the Belgian Cinematek in Brussels. The seminar will be open to the public and will form part of the museum's official program.

In addition to teaching the seminar, Dr. Mosley will also be resuming a minor research project on Belgian coal mining films. "This connects with my ongoing interest in the cultural legacy of the northeastern Pennsylvania anthracite region. Belgium, like NEPA, once had a vast coal industry that has now disappeared, but some of its valuable history is preserved on film," said Dr. Mosley.

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